If your child is highly influenced by all those kids’ singing reality shows, then it is time you must take his passion seriously. Give your child something that he/she will thank you by heart. Bringing a gift of a karaoke machine for your child is the coolest idea according to us. There are many reasons and you know why.

In this article, we have listed some of the best karaoke machines for kids that you may think of for gifting purposes. Check all of these at your nearest store or online and choose what you think is best for your little passionate singer.

Kids Karaoke Machines Best Gift for Kids

8The Singing Machine


People recall it as the Singing Machine Disco Karaoke. It is one of the top choices on Amazon. Kids are going crazy as per the reviews after receiving it as it comes with a disco ball that can not only make your child sing but also make you dance on their song.

Another excellent feature of the Singing Machine is the fact that it comes with multiple microphones and each microphone has a different configuration and volume settings to accommodate everyone singing. The karaoke machine can be connected via a smartphone or laptop and play songs from your playlist, YouTube, and even CDs.

7KaraoKing Wireless


As the name depicts, do not worry about too many cables rolling in your house. KaraoKing Wireless Karaoke Machine is surely going to make your child giggle as he/she listens to their own voice with the voice changing option. You can easily connect it through Bluetooth with your smartphone or laptop.

The KaraoKing Wireless also includes a voice changer software in the microphone to make the occasion that much funnier. Voice change settings include that of an old woman, man, baby, and even the famous Chipmunks.

6Disney Frozen II


This Karaoke is taking all the attention for its most classic animated tie-up with Frozen. It works on Bluetooth technology and makes your child sing as if he/she is performing live in a concert. The device is very light and portable to carry. Get ready for long singing practice sessions by your child with this!

As we were talking, the Disney Frozen II includes Disney related songs, of which “Let it Go” is the most widely played one. And with the ever anticipated sequel of the mega-popular cartoon, Disney Frozen II will also include the songs from it.

5Karaoke USA


Karaoke USA is a portable karaoke machine with a trendy design and appealing features for the kids to fall for. The neat piece comes with a seven-inch color screen for the lyrics to play while your child sings. It also has an option to record your child’s song in MP3 format and listen to it later.

On top of the karaoke machine, there is a smartphone holder where you can place your smartphone to make things more convenient. The karaoke machine can be connected via Bluetooth, meaning that you can play music from anywhere as long as the connection isn’t broken. This karaoke machine is one of the highest-quality products out there, hence why it costs more than the rest of the products on this list.

4VTech Kidi Star Music Karaoke


This is loved by all the tiny tods around you. Regardless of whether it is your child’s singing practice or a birthday party attraction, it works the best! Let him/her feel like a star while holding this neat piece. Simply connect your smartphone/MP3 player to the mic and start singing. All those little ones love this gift for it comes with different sound effects, voice changing options, and +50 songs to choose from.

A very cool feature of the VTech Kidi Star Music Karaoke machine is partly down to the Music Magic mode which removes the words from the songs in question. Another cool feature is the fact that you can choose from various voice changers and sound effects, and the 50 song music library that allows you to insert your favorite tunes ready to go.

The best part about it? The karaoke machine costs nothing!

3Singing Machine Kid’s Pedestal Karaoke System


This is a total singing workout piece of the karaoke system! The machine comes with 6 voice changing options and recording feature to listen to your baby all over and over again. The duet singing stand with two microphones works the best for families who have two kids.

And since it is a kid’s karaoke microphone, similarly to everything else on our list, it comes with cool voice changing features that will leave everyone laughing on their butts.

2KomVox Karaoke


Simply turn on your Bluetooth and start the jam sessions with your little one. It is one of the most convenient machines for your kids to carry anywhere.

The LED lights on the machine do not let your child be bored for a moment. The KomVox Karaoke microphone is rechargeable and very efficient.

1Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Purse Machine


Does your daughter happen to love singing around the house? If so, then the Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Purse Machine is just the one to get.

Not only does this karaoke machine resemble a purse, but it is also the highest-rated product for your little princess. With an aux port to connect your laptop and smartphone, the Little Pretender does an excellent job of being the perfect karaoke machine.

All set to pick one from the above? Let us know how it was gifting it to your child.