The advancement in technologies brings about transformations. Likewise, the year 2024 has seen the implementation of digital changes in our routine activities. Right from morning exercises until the corporate world’s regular activities, a new approach has come into the picture. With social distancing as the primary motto, physical interaction has seen an abrupt halt. The occasional lunches, outings with friends have ceased, and work from home has emerged as the new normal.

However, the occasions never cease, do they? Despite the new normal, the expression of wholehearted celebrations always finds its way. Birthday party celebrations over drinks and the traditional ceremonies have to go on. Human civilization thrives upon its traditions and culture.  It is where technology has emerged as the most vital factor.

Technology has aided humankind with its feasibility. A common man can today communicate with the person on the other extreme of the world sitting at the couch of the living room. The virtual world has provided a pathway to visualize reality. However, the technology has still caused dilemmas of its kind. When it comes to gifting your close ones with something that can linger, ideas with unstructured variations pop up in mind. To provide a base to those ideas, here are some of the options that might come in handy for your choice making:

1. VPN Annual Subscription

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The best concept behind gifting is the idea that it can be helpful to the user. The work from home as the new standard, personal devices, and system plays a prominent role for corporate employees. Unlike a company’s secure network, the devices are not resilient to cyberattacks. So, what better gift than to provide a secure online working experience to your loved ones?

A VPN is a private network that can be used to cover what is lacking in an unsecured network. It forms a private corridor separate to the ISP’s publically accessible pathway. This creates an encrypted line which safeguards organizations from cybercriminals that steal data packets at large. Besides this, a VPN also offers access to online shows worldwide with just a tap of Connect. By giving your loved one a VPN subscription (click here), you can protect their online activity from the prying eyes of cybercriminals that roam the online world.

2. Indulge in Virtual House Partying

When you crave for the chats over drinks and the occasional celebrations for nothing, a virtual house party should be your call. The video conferencing applications have provided the means to surprise your dear ones with a gift of a virtual house party. Decorate your house with balloons, and a theme that entices the eyes.

The sight of a well-decorated house creates a memory that lingers. The characters and showpieces that are dear to the close one’s heart can make his/her day filled with warmth. As a result, you gift the one with the gift of remembrances for a lifetime.

3. DigiGifting

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The one situation appropriate trend that has emerged during lockdown is gifting digital ideas. Imagine your close one sighting an e-card the first thing one switches to the device. The sight of a Video developed with all the pictures turned to an animated musical visual can be the perfect gift for any occasion.

The practice of Digital gifting induces immense pleasure in the lives of the concerned. It reveals the efforts behind a bond and creates a pathway for its sustenance. Remember, your gift is what defines your role in the bond.

4. E-Vouchers and Offers

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Shopping is the one activity that knows no lockdown. With the new normal, online shopping has been an active pastime. To correlate with that desire, online offers can be the heart’s gift. E-vouchers can easily be acquired from various sites and endowed to the person of celebration.

This gesture indicates natural care by you for his/her fortune. It is where you can stand apart when the gifts are recalled since e-vouchers generally come with year-long validities. Hence, a long term memoir with adequate consideration of his/her best interests.

5. Online memberships

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Care for the beloved’s entertainment needs? If so, then you can readily exhibit it by the gift of his/her interest in the genre of leisure. Please provide them with a gift of Netflix or Amazon Prime binge-watch license subscription. You can also replace that with some music or magazine channel’s annual membership.

With loads of laughter and smiles, nostalgia, and surprise that leisure can offer is unmatchable. By providing a means to enjoy that leisure, you connect to them during those times. Thus, every time they watch a movie, they will remember you for the solace. So, hurry to check out their most viewed channel of the genre now.

6. Sustainable Financial Plans

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When you talk of financial aid, what better than gifting a Health insurance plan for the better future of the close one. The rising expenses and hectic lifestyles could anytime surprise with unplanned threats.

By getting an insurance plan that covers up for financial aid, you bring a sense of understanding. This gift can create a wall around not just the person of celebration but also the whole of the family.

7. Quick to access Home appliances

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Do you think you can avert the birthday person’s boredom by gifting some home utility? Well, you are right. Giving a projector or a Bluetooth speaker can be the perfect selection.

It can be something that your closed one might be wanting to own for long. As a result, you gift the one with a utility of his/her desire. They might miss your company every time the projector plays some movies on their list.

With the wide range of gift options available, what would you choose from them?  Create a checklist, the one gift that ticks the top boxes can be the right choice. However, make sure you have the right resources and planned a surprise to make it look like a gift. After all, your efforts are what makes a gift a genuine souvenir for the person to be gifted.