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Even a single flower sometimes can be a great gift for anyone and for any occasion, but a bouquet can really surprise someone. Sometimes, it really does not matter what type of flower you choose in the end, because you are showing the person you give the gift to that you care and think about them. There has been a tradition for many centuries that men should show their affection towards women with a bouquet, however, men would also appreciate receiving a bouquet for a birthday. If the birthday of your partner, your friend or family member is nearing you should know about the most popular birthday flowers.

A lot of people are not sure what kind of a flower they should send as a gift, afraid that they might send the wrong message. It’s not wrong to worry about such things since sending a red rose to a friend of the opposite gender might give them the idea that you are romantically interested in them. If this is not your intention, you should definitely give some thought about the type of flower you should buy.

A bouquet as a birthday gift

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If you feel like your friend isn’t in need of anything special that you should get them for their birthday, you can easily surprise and make them happy with a nice set of flowers. For this type of occasion, you can freely choose any kind of flower you want.

The daisy is probably the most popular birthday flower because it symbolizes modesty. So if you want to make it clear and simple, you should definitely consider getting a bouquet of daisies. However, if you do not feel like daisies send the right message as a birthday gift, here are some of the most popular birthday flowers.


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Lillies are a great option for a birthday gift since they represent positivity and happiness. With such a flower you are showing your friend, partner or family member that you want them to be happy and to stay positive. You could either get a bouquet of lilies or even get a nice flowerpot and gift wrap it.


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We probably don’t need to tell you about roses since they are certainly the most popular flower in this world. You may need some introduction to the rose’s colors though. You already know that the red rose represents romantic love, passion towards your partner or a similar message. However, if you want to send a rose to your grandma as a gift you should consider getting a white one since it symbolizes purity and innocence. For a new friend, you could get them a yellow rose because it represents friendship or new acquaintances. You could also get a combination of yellow and rose to show your friend how happy you are for their birthday. If you are looking for places online to get the perfect roses as a birthday gift, click here.


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While succulents may not be as colorful as the rose or lily flower, they do fill out space with their beautiful green colors. If your friend has just moved into a new space, getting them a few pots of succulents is a great birthday gift and a great way to help them decorate their new home. They can create a stress-free environment and a calming space. They are also very easy to care for which means that there is a very low chance that the plant dries out.


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Sunflowers are truly a beautiful sight to have at home with those bright yellow petals and brown disk at the heart of the flower. They do not require a lot of attention and effort for them to stay healthy as they constantly rotate themselves towards the sun. Their shape and their behavior are why we refer to them as the sun-flower. This can be a very spontaneous birthday gift for that one friend who does not pay a lot of attention to their plants and flowers. They can be a great centerpiece in the living room that breaks the monotony of a room with its yellow colors.


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Tulips are usually used as a gift for men. These cup-shaped flowers are rich in bright colors and can be a great stress reliever when kept at home. They are the first plant that rises after the snows in the winter and they symbolize the arrival of spring and warm sunny days. These are ideal birthday gifts for people who are starting out a new life. If you are planning to gift a bouquet of tulips to your romantic partner, make sure to get a red one since it represents love. Get yellow ones for your friend if you want to show cheerful and happy thoughts.


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A recent study done by the Journal of Environmental Psychology has shown that having orchids near you while studying or working on a difficult task can improve your memory and focus by more than 15 percent. The calmness they can bring into a room can really help with stress. This is why we recommend orchids as a birthday gift for anyone. With orchids, you have the option to choose any kind of color. You could maybe consider getting a rainbow bouquet or in other words a bouquet of orchids with all possible colors. If you do not want to go over-the-top, just get a bouquet of white ones.


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The Gerbera is the fifth most popular flower in the world and even more popular when it comes to birthday gifts. This flower represents purity, innocence or cheerfulness. They are available in several colors, and they can be a great way to make someone happy for their birthday.

Bonsai tree

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If your friend is a lover of plants then you should definitely consider getting them a bonsai tree. Bonsai trees are perfect for people who are very meticulous and careful around their environment. Not only you are giving them a beautiful plant for their home, but you are also giving them a hobby. This hobby is an art that takes a lot of patience, time and can be very rewarding at the end.