The goal of every business, whether it’s globally oriented or wants to be present in the local market, is to be noticed. Nowadays, companies of all industries and sizes are fighting for the attention of online users, where the largest number of people are looking for what they need.

The Internet also provides a chance for lawyers to attract new clients, mainly in the local market. But it won’t come by itself. The local market can be small, and a large number of your industry peers can perform on it.

So, in the fight for the best ranking, your law firm has to beat fierce competition. In that case, you need an approach tailored to your needs and goals to help you attract clients.

A proven strategy for generating qualified leads is SEO.

Considering your law firm targets local clients, you need a local SEO expert to help you rank well for specific terms for your business and location, for example, “best family law firm in Chicago.”

4 Best Agencies for Lawyers’ SEO


SEO agencies for legal firms can help you determine localized keywords, redesign your website, optimize content, and connect with high-authority sources that can bring you more organic traffic.

We suggest 4 Chicago-based digital marketing firms with proven expertise in lawyer SEO.

1. Chicago Scholar

Our top pick stands out with its great expertise in providing SEO services to lawyers and other legal entities. They offer a full range of digital marketing services that lawyers need to improve their SERP and lead generation.

But they don’t work generically – you can expect their full dedication and excellence in creating the best custom strategy for your needs.

Their proactive approach and transparency in business are a big plus. Chicago Scholar experts not only do their job well but also provide excellent customer support. They’re here for all your dilemmas and questions.

Their commitment and already proven expertise make Chicago Scholar a good choice for your law firm’s digital marketing needs.

2. dNovo Group

dNOVO Group is a digital marketing agency mainly dedicated to providing SEO to law firms. They also offer other services that help lawyers improve their online presence, such as content marketing, advertising, web design, etc.

As this agency says, they believe in a 360-degree approach, so they cover all aspects of online presence, from website audit to On and Off-page optimization.

Experts from dNovo Group use a proactive approach towards clients. They understand that each law firm has different goals and needs and insist on consultation before taking definite steps.

Once you’re on the same wavelength, the agency will invest great effort in helping you achieve good web rankings.

3. Comrade Digital Marketing Agency


This SEO agency is rightfully on this list. During 15 years of working with clients from different niches, they have polished the quality of their services, especially SEO.

Experts from this branch have a wealth of knowledge and practice, and they prove it every day by delivering excellence to law firms in need of effective website optimization.

Comrade has a proven track record of achieving great rankings for law firms. They guarantee success and meet your expectations, which they support with a large portfolio of successful projects.

If the implemented SEO strategy doesn’t give good results within 90 days, this digital marketing agency provides a refund.

4. AttorneySync

This agency specializes in legal digital marketing. Considering the agency is lawyer-owned, cooperation with them allows you to get twice as much professional help.

Who will best understand the marketing needs of any law firm, if not lawyers? And when they’re technically and practically equipped with knowledge, skills, and practice, it’s a score for your online presence.

This agency focuses on the law niche and provides SEO services. In agreement with you, they can redesign your law firm’s website, draft effective and engaging legal content, and help you build off-site links to boost organic traffic to your web page.

They also provide timely reporting and success tracking, keeping you up-to-date with market trends.

Benefits of Hiring Lawyer SEO Agency


Working with SEO agencies specializing in legal niches is a must if you want to invest in your online presence and expect fast ROI. These agencies work on custom strategies for your unique needs and goals, aiming to improve the visibility of your website on search engines, generate qualified leads, and increase organic traffic.

Hiring an SEO agency to help you with your online presence can be a valuable investment, as it’s the wind in your sails to attract new clients and grow your business.

With their expertise in SEO, digital marketing, and web design, your legal business can stand out from the fierce competition in the online marketplace.