We are sure that at least once you have had a dilemma about what to give to someone. There are too many ideas, it only takes time to realize them, and that is what we all miss the most. Open the internet and ask for gift ideas. On the first page, you will come across at least 50 gift ideas that you could use on the next occasion. But for each of the ideas, you will need some time to prepare it or go to buy it. But just one idea would not take you too long. Wondering what the idea is? It’s about the idea to surprise someone with a bouquet of flowers.

Flowers are the most beautiful gift for everyone. Wondering why? Because the flowers are in many colors, they have a scent and there is life in it. There is almost no person who does not love him. Each of us has a favorite flower, so you try according to which flower a person wants to buy exactly that kind and try to beautify his special day or to beautify his everyday life. Especially today it is easy to beautify someone’s day because florists are more and more available to everyone, but they are also with more and more choice which is an additional relief for you to choose something for your loved one.


So today when you go to the flower you can see literally everything – from ordinary plants that are bought to decorate your home or garden, to potted flowers, bouquets of flowers, and the like. The offer is huge, and all you have to do is decide what exactly you will decide on, ie. what type of flowers will be your choice. And yes, we almost forgot. Nowadays, there are more and more available pages through which you can order flowers and have them delivered to your home address or to the address of the person for whom you are procuring them. Isn’t that great? There is even the possibility to choose international delivery, ie. delivery to places that are outside the country of origin. That’s an extra big relief. But some people think that option is not good enough, it is not safe and the like, so we decided to write an article on this topic today and write the 3 pros and cons for international delivery that we are sure will give you more motive to buy online and have it delivered to you wherever you want.

Here are the pros of the International Flower Delivery Services


1. They primarily have their own online version where you can pick flowers and order and send them to any address in the world

The good thing about these services is that they are mostly based online. Many of them have huge online outlets where you can browse, choose the type you like best, choose whether you want a bouquet or a pot, and of course choose which address it will be delivered to. You can deliver it virtually anywhere, and many of them have delivery in England, the Netherlands, Sweden, USA, the United Arab Emirates, and even Russia flower delivery which makes them unique, and as quality and as a shop with express delivery we would single them out whose offer you are free to browse and see for yourself the diversity.

2. They are secure for online payments

The most important thing that many customers care about is the security of payments when ordering such services. For that, we guarantee that you do not need to worry and that you do not need to bother at all about whether it will arrive or not. Your data is safe, your order will be processed on time, your money will be safely withdrawn from your account, and in return, you will receive a wonderful order that can reach any address worldwide. Great isn’t it?

3. They are accurate in delivering orders

What you order and what you expect you will get in the best condition and you will receive it in an extremely fast time. This means that you do not need to worry about whether the flowers will arrive on time or not. They work according to a unified system that does not allow an error to occur and an order not to arrive on time. So do not be upset in vain, the order will come at the exact time reported to you by the service.

Now we are going to see the cons of this option


1. Some suppliers do not have good enough conditions for transport

In order to deliver this type of product, it is necessary to do everything according to the protocol. What does that mean? This means that all the conditions provided for transport should be met, ie the temperature at which the orders are transported should be adjusted because only in this way the orders will be kept in their original condition, ie the flowers will not be allowed to wither and change. but if it is fulfilled they will look fresh and beautiful.

2. Some suppliers can destroy the flowers during transportation

It is common for customers to complain that one of the suppliers has destroyed what they ordered. This is because they do not have a good enough vehicle, do not have a well enough organized space, or do not know how to place orders and how to deliver them unchanged. There are protocols that must be followed.

3. It can cost you a lot if you ship far

Be careful where you order! However, these services are express services that in a very short time try to deliver the order from one place to another without too much waiting. Try not to order to too far destinations as this will force you to pay a larger amount, which will only increase the bill you will have to pay.

Now that you are more familiar with this service, you can easily make a decision that we believe will be positive in order to send a nice flower greeting to your loved one in an easy and very fast way.