Hydrangea is a massive bush with beautiful pom-pom-like flowers. In floristry, these inflorescences are called shields.

The most popular is the large-leaved hydrangea, which fits well both for garden decor and for bouquets and flower arrangements.

Advantages of hydrangea in decor

This flower symbolizes the blossoming of tender feelings and passion, so, most often, people decide to buy bulk hydrangea stems for wedding decor. The flowers are not harmful to other plants and visually combine well with roses, peonies, and dahlias. Hydrangeas are also combined in bouquets with fresh herbs. So, masters use different types of flowers to make incredible things.

Massive inflorescences attract attention and give a romantic mood. Besides, there are other reasons to buy bulk hydrangea flowers:

  • The stems are tough and strong, they do not have thorns, so it is pleasant and easy to work with them. You can use wire and other auxiliary elements to give the composition the desired look and shape.
  • Another reason to buy hydrangeas in bulk is a very favorable price. Take into account that very few stems are needed to create chic expensive bouquets. For comparison, you need almost twice as many roses to create the same lush flower decorations, bouquets, or decorative compositions.
  • Flowers have many shades. Among such diversity, the florist can easily find the tones and shades that will help best convey the desired mood and create the desired atmosphere.

If properly cared for, the flowers retain their freshness and beauty for a long time. That is why florists love this flower so much.


Ideas for using hydrangea in decor

You can order bulk hydrangeas for bouquets or decorate rooms where solemn events take place. Hydrangea is a versatile flower that is added to bouquets to create old-fashioned charm or emphasize the emotional component of the holiday.

The capriciousness of hydrangeas culminates in the fact that the lush, massive inflorescence can be heavier than the stem. That is why the bouquet’s structure needs to be balanced, and additional fastenings in the form of ribbons, lattice, or wire should be taken care of, which will ensure the correct location of each inflorescence and guarantee stability.

Most often, hydrangea is chosen for the following:

  • Birthdays. Hydrangea is perfect for decorating the room where the party will be held. In addition, blooms symbolize youth and vitality, so they are a perfect choice for an anniversary.
  • Engagement. The bud consists of a dozen smaller flowers, and together, they create an incredibly beautiful inflorescence. In the same way, small romantic steps grow into a big and beautiful love. That’s why hydrangeas so often compete with roses for the right to be at the engagement party.
  • Bride’s bouquet and wedding decor. These flowers are lush and beautiful. There are so many beautiful things you can do for wedding decor using hydrangeas! Hydrangea is used in different ways: decoration of the festive table, ceremonial arch, photo zone, decoration of stairs, etc.

Regardless of the style and theme of the party, hydrangea will be the perfect addition. These flowers look equally good on classic holidays and whimsical and fun celebrations. You can combine inflorescences with other flowers or use hydrangeas of different shades, creating an ombre effect. Such floral compositions look exquisite and even magical.


How to choose flowers for your party?

There are several secrets that the FiftyFlowers brand generously shares. The main prerequisite for the stability of cut flowers is proper planting, care, and preparation for cutting.

It is very good when the bushes grow in a semi-shaded space and are planted in properly prepared soil. Under such conditions, the petals will have a rich color, and the inflorescences will not have spots or dry petals.

Here are a few more nuances:

  • On the eve of cutting, gardeners water the bushes. Thanks to this, a sufficient amount of moisture accumulates in the stems.
  • The cut is made with special garden shears: they are sharp enough not to damage the stubby stem.
  • The gardener removes the lower leaves from the stem so that the flower stays fresh longer
  • The cut of the stem has an angle of 45 degrees. Thanks to this, cut flowers are well moisturized and will not wither for a long time.
  • Only those stems where the flower has bloomed well are chosen for cutting. Immature buds quickly become soft, and this is, perhaps, the most important nuance. After all, while the buds of other flowers, on the contrary, are transported better and stored longer, the opposite is true with hydrangea buds.
  • Refrigeration chambers are not used when transporting hydrangeas as this causes the petals to fade, and the flower quickly dies.

At the same time, gardeners advise using stem feeding. In this way, the flowers remain fresh and beautiful for a very long time. You may not know all these details when choosing pre-cut flowers. Therefore, it remains only to choose a reliable supplier that fulfills the above conditions.


Tricks of a florist: How to extend the life of cut flowers?

Your bouquets will last longer if you don’t put them in direct sunlight or near heaters. At the same time, each bud in a bouquet needs a lot of space, so try to build the composition so that the inflorescences are not close to each other.

Add nutrients and ice cubes to the water and change the water daily. Also, take away all the leaves that can get wet — they can rot, which affects every flower placed in a vase.

Spraying cut flowers with water from a spray bottle helps a lot. This secret is simple and effective: you will be pleasantly surprised.

By the way, you can easily dry hydrangea flowers. It is good to decorate the room with dried flowers, and if you paint the petals with sprayed metallic paint, it will become a beautiful New Year’s decoration. This is how hydrangeas end up in Christmas wreaths and X-mas trees.

You can complement these ideas of using hydrangeas with your own because these flowers give unlimited space for imagination and creativity. You can get more inspiration from photos of decor made by other masters. Repeat, experiment, and give flowers to everyone you love!