Since the holiday season is around the corner, you might have started to feel a bit stressed by the number of present ideas you have to come up with. And although it might be easy to buy presents for your family members, friends, and partner, you have probably hit an obstacle when it comes to buying a gift for a friend that enjoys an occasional poker round. So, if you are in this situation, the text below might be able to help you. Continue reading to find out what are the best gifts for any poker lover:

5Books on Poker

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You cannot really make a mistake with purchasing a book for your friend since it is highly possible that they love poker books. There are various books that you can opt for, starting from interesting how-to guides to a hand-by-hand analysis of poker games, all the way to some of the most interesting autobiographies of poker players.

4Poker Applications

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Although most applications for poker are free, there are a few that are quite affordable. For example, PokerCruncher costs $9.99 and it is a handy tool for calculating your odds in rounds. They will surely have a lot of fun with it and it might help them achieve more. It is a nice little gift, especially if they spend their time playing online poker.

3Poker Training

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If someone fell in love with poker but still needs a bit more practice, opt for giving them a gift card for poker training. Choose a monthly membership card or a multiple month gift card and watch them get the knowledge and experience they need to become unbeatable. Keep in mind that you should compare prices from different websites since some of them might offer a 50% discount on purchasing a year’s membership gift card!

2A Poker Chip Set

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When your friend cannot go to the casino to play their favorite game, there will be nothing better than having their own poker setup at home. If this card game is truly their passion, they will not want to have plastic chips that can easily break and ruin the entire game. They will want to have heavy, well-made chips that will create an atmosphere and setting that you want. Hence, opt for getting them a high-quality chipset that they can use at home. Find the ones at

1Playing Cards

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If you want to get him or her playing card, look for ones that are durable and made from high-quality plastics. They will no longer have to struggle with playing with terrible, easily torn paper cards. What is even better, there are companies who specialize in creating custom playing cards, hence, you can get them personal cards with different motifs, messages, and pictures on them. Since we are living in the era of online games and online gambling, playing cards, thanks to the technical improvements, is becoming a lot easier and more interesting. Today you do not need to have good quality cards so you can play games, you just need to use some of the apps and enjoy it. You can find more info about those apps online.

If you did not know what to get for your poker-obsessed friend, I hope that this article gave you some ideas on what you can buy. Hence, now that you know what to buy, do not waste any more time and opt for one or more gifts from this article.