The season for giving presents never ends, and this time you have to do your best. It is time to start thinking about the birthday present you would like to buy for your friend. You know you want to surprise him with something personal, related to his passion and hobbies. Also, you know he loves casino and slots games, but you still have a hard time choosing what would be most suitable.

Buying a casino gaming related gift may sound challenging if you know nothing about this industry, but no worries. We’ve made it easier for you by picking some epic gift ideas that cater to a range of casino accessories, from guides and tools to personalized lucky charms.

1A gambling gift card


The casino gift card works as like any other physical gift card. Usually, you buy this voucher and give it to whoever you want. That person can exchange the card for chips in order to play. This is a great gift option if you are not sure about some of the other potential gifts listed below.

Online, the cards work differently. The payment method has to be linked to the person who’s already an account owner, so it is not possible to buy a gambling gift card.

2Casino themed magnet

We all have a thing about magnets, as they work great for keeping memories close to your heart and your fridge. Choose a magnet that is not that big and should represent what your friend is passionate about.

If he has a thing about Vegas, find a magnet that represents the show-stopping indoor and outdoor experience in their casino. If he or she likes to play slots, choose a slot machine magnet that shows the reels. If you are lucky to find a magnet that shows a combo of the biggest win that surely is a good sign for the future.

3Good luck charm

Even if you don’t play casino games, you know that luck plays a big part in all forms of gambling. Even the most successful and skilful player has to have a bit of luck on their side.

That’s why we think that a thematic good luck charm would be the perfect gift for any casino lover. Choose between the classic lucky clover pendant or a rabbit’s foot. If you want to go a bit mystical and oriental, get them an Eye of Horus charm. The story behind this symbol is perhaps the most interesting in terms of why it is considered to bring happiness, luck, prosperity, and transformation.

It served as the main theme inspiration for many games and platforms, including casino slots games. Check out this Eye of Horus slot at SlotsWise for a glimpse on the storyline and the symbols behind the game. If you combine an eye of Horus lucky charm with something else it will make a perfect gift combo.

4A real slot machine

If you want to go a bit fabulous and have not set a budget limit for the birthday gift, go for the slot machine. Any gambler would love to have a unique and personalized slot machine in the comfort of their own home.

You can buy it in its real size or a smaller, yet functional version. You can easily order the machine slot from online shops and retailers. Your friend will certainly have fun playing with the machine and try their luck, even if it is just for fun.

5Roulette Clock


We’ve covered the slots games, but what if your friend prefers table games like roulette? If so, we have a perfect gift idea. A roulette clock would make a great thematic addition to any casino lover’s home. The wall clock comes in different sizes and also can be ordered from the most popular online retailers.

Alternatively, look for a wheel of fortune clock, as that would also be a great option. Be sure that your loved one will appreciate your effort and will think of you every time they see the clock hanging on the wall.

6Set of Royal Flush Wine glasses

If your friend is a wine lover but also loves to play poker, then a set of royal flush wine glasses will add nicely to the atmosphere. Make sure to wrap them carefully before going to the party. However, once they are opened you can both celebrate the birthday and have a toast to better, luckier moments.

7Personalized Poker Chips

You can order a set of personalized printed poker chips that would make a difference to any event. Any casino gamer would love to have a set of poker chips when organizing the perfect stay-at-home night. If you want to find more info about some great casino games, and where you can pay them, check online on websites such as Fliptroniks.

You can order this set online and choose the color and the pattern of the chips to match their preferences. We assure you that this gift will be appreciated for its significant and special value spiced with the personalized touch.

8Casino Gaming Basket

The name of this gift gives you a clear idea of its content: a basket filled with casino related things. By casino related, we think of anything that resembles gambling. Start with casino gaming guides, magazines, various lottery tickets and scratch cards. For example, buy 20 lottery tickets and 20 scratch cards, put them in a basket and wrap it.

Or, buy guides for various games like poker and blackjack and do the same thing. Turn something that seems very ordinary into something unique and search for inspiration online. If you are not sure about the types of games your friend likes, this gift is the perfect choice for them. It has it all -from cards, to chips and guides, which makes it a perfect birthday kit.

9Something for Craps Players


There’s hardly a casino player in the world that does not get a kick out of rolling the dice at the craps table. Sure, your friend won’t be able to use them at the casino or online but will definitely appreciate the gesture.

You can order the dice online, and they’ll come elegantly packed in a proper box. Our suggestion is wooden handmade dice, as they would also fit as decor. Combine these with a mini-craps table so that they could practice their favourite game at home.

Sometimes it’s not about how expensive the gift is or its practical use Showing that you know and understand a part of what that person is all about is what it counts. Combine that with something cool and good-looking and you’ll deliver them a gift that they’ll surely remember.