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Fortnite is an online video game developed by Epic Games which was released on July 25. 2017. It is partially free to play, the mode “Battle Royale” is free but players can buy some skins which are just cosmetic so there is no impact on the game. The second part of the game is the mode “Save the world” which isn’t free to play the prize tag on the mode is $39.99 for “Standard Edition”. Fortnite has over 200 million players worldwide and at some point was the most played game. It is available on PC, Apple( iMac, iOS Devices), PlayStation, XBOX and Nintendo Switch.

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To download the game it is pretty much an easy procedure. The user goes to the official site of the Fortnite, in the section “download” the user picks the operating system(which he uses) and automatically download starts for the Epic Games Launcher. After the installation in the launcher, the user needs to make an account or he can link accounts such as Facebook, Google, Playstation, etc. After that launcher when logged in starts the download for the game and afterward automatically installs it. There is no alternative download possibility as the game needs to have an account to launch the game.

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The system requirements aren’t demanding for power but there will be consequences on the game look and flow.

Components Minimum system requirements Recommended system requirements
Graphics Intel HD 4000 or Intel Iris Pro 5200 (Mac) GeForce Nvidia GTX660
Processor Intel i3-2100 Intel i5-2300
Operating System Windows 7/8/10 64-bit  + Mac OSX Sierra (10.12.6+) Windows 7/8/10 64-bit + Mac OSX Sierra (10.13.6+)

The difference between the two modes

Fortnite “Save the world” is PvE ( players versus environment) like some tower defense game. In the mode, there is a variety of monsters and crazy good looking guns which players can equip. With expanding the bases to fight off the monsters, they are also getting missions to complete for the campaign.

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Fortnite “Battle Royale” is PvP (player versus players), the mod is basically the last man standing. 100 players get dropped on a map and they need to show survival skills (killing other players), to find some weapons, and various other items that will help for the outcome of the game. This mode compared to the “Save the world” has a lower tier and less mystical guns, players have the availability to buy cosmetics for glow sounds particles, skins of the guns, etc.

It is just to make the players looking better than the others, in practice players don’t need to give any amount of money to play this game. To buy such items players can directly buy from the “Store” using an in-game currency called V-Bucks, for example, 10000 V-Bucks costs $9,99. There is new skin Imperial Stormtrooper just released, and you can buy it for 1.500 V-blocks.

Even though it is a PVP mode, there are several sub-modes that players can choose before the game.

  • Solo: Battle it out on your own.
  • Duos: Squad up with a friend.
  • Squads: Choose two or three others (players can invite their friends up to three).
  • 50v50: Battle of two teams of 50 each, there is a possibility for extra loot on this mode.
  • Playground: It is basically a practice tool so the player can try out the weapons and build massive structures.
  • Steady Storm: In other words fast mode, instead of the storm that shrinks and holding for some period (like in any other mode), the storm moves and shrinks continuously.

For players who bought Fortnite Battle Pass, they got one more mode to play “Fortnite Creative” it was launched on December 6, 2018, at the start of Season 7 of Fornite Battle Royale. In this mode, players got their private island where they could build buildings such as battle arenas, race tracks and anything else that players would get to their imagination. Players would be able to invite friends to the island and participate in unofficial games such as race tracks and jumping courses. Initially, the idea was that only who got Battle Pass will have this mode but on December 13 they released it for free, so now everyone can play it.

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Until recently iOS users could play Fortnite only if they get invitation link on their email, nowadays to play Fortnite on iOS is pretty much easy to find and download, the player should go to the official website of Fortnite and choose his device afterward the user will be relocated to the AppStore. On the other side for Android users, they can also play but many devices aren’t jet supported. Android users should go to the website and download the app version of Epic Games Launcher (launcher was introduced recently because they released another game called Battle Breakers), after installing it they can choose Fortnite to get downloaded or even the new game Battle Breakers.

Fortnite is a game that got a big success on gaming consoles such as PlayStation 4 and XBOX as they are currently on top of the downloads. Because of this success, Fortnite managed to make the game basically cross-platform, this means that people who have XBOX can play with Playstation users and the Nintendo Switch users can play with the smartphone users(iOS/Android). Also, Fortnite allowed players to make cross-platform parties this means that the Nintendo Switch users if invited can play with PlayStation users. This is good because some people can not afford to have PlayStation but still, they can play with their friends online at any time.

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In 2019 Fornite was nominated on 15 awards and have won 8, some of the awards are “Online Fame of the Year”, “Mobile Game of the Year”, “Best Multiplayer/Competitive Game”, “Best Evolving Game”. Fortnite is still an ongoing game in development as they are adding new features of gameplay like upgrading the combat mechanics, new weapons, boats, even new maps or new locations on the map.

Whether you want to invest copious amounts of money into your Fortnite habit, or you just want to play it every now and then, you’ll have to download it first, and this text should provide you with useful information regarding this aspect.