The console generation is still going strong with new releases piling up every year. Sony’s PlayStation is leading the current realm of consoles. What exactly made it secure the prominence it has today? That’s because the moment the company started to release exclusive titles for PlayStation, it entered a new scene in gaming. Soon, it faced an upsurge in sales and now the game titles exclusively meant for Sony’s PS4 keep on increasing.

Well, as a gamer, you have to stay updated with these foregoing changes. Some of the titles have gained great recognition and ratings from gamers and critics worldwide. Here are a few of those PS4 exclusive games.

5The Last of Us Remastered


A game with an immersive story most ones usually lack, The Last of Us conveys a new side to survival. The game was initially PS3 exclusive but after the release of PS4, an exclusive remastered version was released.

The story is what grasps the attention of players. A virus-ridden catastrophic city set in a post-apocalyptic world where the characters have to put everything at stake to make it out alive. Amidst games based on conventional zombie apocalypse concepts, the developer Naughty Dog has brought a unique twist to the genre.

4God of War


The latest God of War game is PS4 exclusive and it surely is worthy of being an exclusive title. Takes on the story of Kratos, his son and the realm of Norse Gods. God of War doesn’t revolve around brainless boss fights rather, to advance further, you have to solve multiple puzzles and read deeper into the story to understand the lore and the gameplay better.

If you have played the prequels of God of War, you will also notice a massive shift in Kratos’ appearance and character. His character development has sustained and improved throughout. Since God of War is a triple-A title, the graphics quality and in-game mechanisms make it worth the price.



Web slinging action is only fun when you are playing with your console’s controller. Marvel games are aplenty but not all were able to earn a visible spot in the gaming industry. But Spider-Man has become one of a kind Marvel video game thanks to its unique play and immersive graphics.

Well, Insomniac has done it again. It is difficult to incorporate the same knack of Spider-Man slinging his webs on a cinema screen into a video game but Insomniac proved it’s possible. You can swing around New York City, shoot webs and defeat Kingpin to protect the city from his evil schemes.



The creator of the Soul Series, Hidetaka Miyazaki, has taken the gaming industry by storm once again with Bloodborne. Set in the eerie city of Yharnam, Bloodborne gives off similar vibes to Dark Souls but has a flair of its own. While the gameplay is just as agonizing and nearly rage-quitting as Dark Souls yet it takes lesser time for the player to complete and reach the relevant endings.

That’s because has multiple endings and the ending you shall get doesn’t depend on your luck instead, it entirely depends on the choices you make in-game. The lore of Yharnam in Bloodborne has confused many but once you start playing the story begins to unfold with every boss fight.

1Until Dawn


Those who love playing a horror survival with multiple endings will also enjoy playing Until Dawn. In simpler words, Until Dawn is Cabin in the Words but more profusely dark and twisted. In the entire game, you have to make some stomach-churning decisions.

The visuals are also top-notch and the game has a handful of characters voiced and represented by popular celebrities with Oscar winner Rami Malek being one of the actors. Be varying of the choices you make because that’s how the ending is determined.


So, if you have been hesitant to invest in a PS4 or any of the aforementioned titles then stop hesitating. Get your gaming gear on, connect to an internet service provider from, and select the game of your choice from our list. The good news is Sony is unwavering in releasing more PlayStation exclusive games. Now that the PS5 is in the works, who knows you might as well have new favorite titles soon.