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Right now, as the majority of world cities are on lockdown, people are now confined to their homes, a lot of people have never experienced this before, I mean spending days without getting out of the house, there is the need to learn how to spend and enjoy your time while at home. One of the things you can do that will keep you entertained and busy is video games. Ps4 is the most popular gaming console and chances are most households own it, but don’t know that they can enjoy an exclusive collection of free PS4 video games.

One of the things that make PlayStation 4 the best gaming console is the free games it comes with; these free games are premium games you’re giving access when you join PSN subscription. Almost every month, a new game is added to their collection. You’ll find these games selling for $60 or even $100, but are available for free download in your PSN account.

Most of the games we’re about to share in this list are multiplayer games, and can also be started for free to enjoy with friends and family, but there are some options that require you spend a little money to access extra costume and more accessories. Take Star Trek as an example, they’ll allow you to experience the original story at no cost, while DC Universe online locks the remaining chapters until you upgrade. With that said let’s move on and share some the best free games, you should start enjoying during this lockdown season.

Best Free PS4 games

1. Fortnite Battle Royale

It’s one of the best free multiplayer games you don’t want to miss right now. This excellent game though is facing some serious competition from other games like Apex Legends, it’s a game worth trying for. the multiplayer game has 100 players parachute in the battlefield and you have access to weapons and supplies, you’ll have to fight until there is one team left. You’re to create traps and strongholds as you’re fighting for your life to survive. A lot of updates have been released over the years, we’ve seen new map changes and new skins. Overall, the game is a good start for young gamers.

2. Call of duty: Warzone

CoD game isn’t required on your PS4 in order to access Warzone, call of duty is everyone’s favorite especially for new gamers. When the game starts you’ll dive out of the plane and then find yourself among 150 player battles on a classic island. There are two different game modes, the standard Deathmatch, and the Plunder mode. The Deathmatch will place you in a small squad to take on your opponents while the playground area slowly shrinks, while the plunder mode allows you to complete tasks and earn cash rewards and you need to extract them by following the map before they’re gone. Fans of PUBG and Fortnite will love this game.

3. Genesis

This is another great free game that can stand among a league of legends. You have the option to pick from 28 heroes and participate in a 5v5 battle, you’ll be in a sci-fi themed maps with changing elements, it can be in a traditional multiplayer, co-operative PvE campaign or single-player. You’ll acquire different items and weapons, the PvE mode allows you to learn how to play or you can chill out fighting your AI opponents with your friends or by yourself.

4. Apex legends

This is another free battle royale, it stands from the rest because you can choose your distinct characters and their abilities. You can choose how you want to strategize your team, it has a brilliant ping system that lets you mark weapons, location, and enemies for your team. The gunplay and smooth movement make it feel good while playing the game.

Even though it’s a free game, it also comes with in-game items that need to be purchased. These in-game items can also be earned while playing the game, this is a great way to avoid micro-transactions and still enjoy the game.

You’ll need to unlock new characters and this where most people get annoyed because you’ll have to spend a lot of time playing the game before you earn enough money to unlock new characters. We’re talking about spending up to 20 hours’ gameplay before earning enough currency to unlock a new character and can even be more than that for some characters. Six free characters were available at launch and I can say they’re great and they offer different abilities you need, they’re not however the best, but the premium characters that are locked will do better.

5. Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters

It’s one of the best fighting games you can try for free before buying the full game. In the free mode, some characters will be restricted to you but you can still play frenetic 3D fighter’s modes, you have access to online battles, training mode, and some part of the story mode.

Dead or alive has been around on the PlayStation Network for almost decades and it’s of the best gaming franchise available, it’s a very enjoyable game to play and has a great fighting system. You’ll also need to unlock new characters and costumes, the manufacturer is selling of pack of 62 costumes and two new characters for $92.99. You can as well earn currencies which can be redeemed to make purchases.

These are some free games that are worth trying in our spare time, battle and fighting games are the most challenging games that can keep you busy and entertained during the lockdown, allow yourself to participate in some of these games and you’ll enjoy them a lot. You just need to subscribe to PSN Plus membership to access these games, free games are added every month, these are free games that will cost you a lot when buying the physical copies. You can subscribe with PSN cards, get your cards now for as little as $10 PSN card to upgrade your membership. For more details check