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In these modern times, video gaming has advanced to a much higher level than what we were used to in the past. We can see games today with amazing mechanics, realistic graphical fidelity, multiplayer access and a lot of other features that improve a gamer’s experience. What is even more impressive is the fact that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have become so powerful that they can even handle games that were made for PCs (Windows).

Keep in mind, you can’t just take out your phone to start any Windows game you want. The developers first have to recreate the game for the Android operating system and then released it to the Play Store. It is not as easy as drag and drop.

With this advancement in games and mobile devices, more and more publishers and developers like to release their products for both the PC and Android platform. So, if you do not have a strong enough computer to power through it, you can try downloading it on your smartphone. But, if you prefer to play your games on a computer or your laptop, here is a list of android games that will provide you with a better experience on your PC.

1. Player Unknown Battlegrounds

The correct term for the mobile version is PUBG Mobile while its true name on the Steam platform is Player Unknown Battlegrounds.

You are probably aware of just how popular the battle royale genre has become these last couple of years. With the release of H1Z1’s King of the Hill, Fortnite, and PUBG, almost everyone is hooked on it. The plot of this genre is simple. You queue into a server with a big map that’s filled with a huge number of players. It’s usually anywhere between 60 and 150 players. You pick a place on the map to land and then you start looting gear, healing items, and weapons to fight against your enemies. The last man standing (or team) is the winner.

PUBG became so successful that it reached more than three million concurrent users on Steam within a few months of its early-access release. It became so popular that the developers decided to make a mobile version of PUBG and finally released PUBG mobile.

The mobile version runs great and looks great on most smartphones. It’s fun, there are constant updates with new content such as maps, weapons, and skins. But, when you compare it with the original, it’s simply not as good. So, if you want the true battle royale experience, we recommend you download the PC version of PUBG. Furthermore, check out ldplayer and see how the game works on an emulator.

2. Fortnite

Since we already started talking about the Battle Royale genre and PUBG, we can’t mention Fortnite too. In just a few months of its release, it became one of the most popular games on the entire planet. It probably had millions of players during its peak and it was number one on the streaming website Twitch for a long time.

If you are looking for something that is not as realistic as PUBG then Fortnite is definitely your next best option. You can queue up solo to play against hundreds of other players or you could team with one, two or three friends and fight against dozens of other squads.

After two months of its release, Epic Games already released the mobile version of Fortnite. What’s impressive is that the graphics were actually quite similar to its counterpart. But, the experience is definitely not the same. There are a lot of computer bots to fill up the empty servers, there is a lot less content and it is usually delayed. The Battlepass is not as rewarding as the one on a computer. You are going to have fun with both of these versions, but Fortnite on PC will provide you with a much richer experience.

3. Minecraft

Minecraft might possibly the most popular game in the world. When it was released in 2009 it was still in the alpha development process, but it was so unique at the time, it quickly became a favorite to people.

You start out in a pixelated world where everything is made out of blocks. There are no round shapes or curves anywhere. Even the character you are playing with looks like it is made from several blocks. Sure, the graphics didn’t look impressive at all, but once you realized just how much Minecraft had to offer, you couldn’t stop playing it.

Once you press play, you are spawned in a random location in a huge world with nothing in your inventory. You might find yourself in a snowy area, a forest or even a desert. You need to start finding food and shelter to survive, but once you get the hang of it, you start evolving into a much more efficient playstyle. Crafting wooden, iron or even diamond pickaxes that will help you explore the world easily.

Two years after its release, in 2011, Mojang released the Pocket Edition for smartphones. At the time, having the option to explore such a big world on your handheld device was unimaginable. However, the Pocket Edition only allowed you to do the most basic things you would usually do in Minecraft. You couldn’t craft complex devices or go in the Nether world. Even today, the Pocket Edition is still not what Minecraft is.

4. Terraria

Another sandbox game that is quite similar to Minecraft, but still very unique in its own way. The biggest difference is that it is in 2D, you do not control your character in a first-person camera. There is no storyline you have to follow, you can do, dig and build anything you want.

Terraria originally released in 2011 and its mobile version was released in 2019. Terraria is fun both on PC and on phones, but the computer version has a lot more content.

5. Roblox

You can’t be a gamer if you haven’t heard of Roblox at least once in your life. This game is lightweight that you can even play it on your browser. It’s easy to understand, it’s creative and it’s mostly multiplayer. You can create your own unique character and you can get into all kinds of worlds.

The mobile version has a lot of content, but it is definitely not as fun and filled with content as the PC version, so if you plan on getting into Roblox, you should definitely first check it out on your computer instead of your smartphone.