Today, most mobile phone manufacturers will help their customers locate lost or stolen devices. So don’t worry if you lose your mobile phone, because there are services that will help you use it again.

Whether it’s on or off, there are several ways you can access your phone. Depending on whether you have an Android or an iPhone, you can use different apps. It’s never too late to try, but first read some of our tips below.

What Should I Do When I Notice a Missing Phone?


The first thing you should do in a situation like this is telling someone to dial your phone number. Do this as soon as possible so that you do not get too far away from it if you have just lost it in the immediate vicinity.

For example, if you are in a public place at the time and do not have friends around you, ask the first person you come across. Don’t wait to come home, because that way you won’t hear the bell. After that, visit and enter the number to track. That should help since it is compatible with all carriers and all brands.

However, if you have not been able to locate your mobile phone in this way, you should take some security measures.

This refers to changing the password on Google and social networks, and the great thing is that you can do it on any other device or friend’s mobile phone. This will prevent the thief from accessing your personal and sensitive information.

If you are very worried about your data or phone and do not know what to do, you can always go to the police. However, you don’t have to get into that hassle, because there are other ways to locate your lost phone.

1. Google Services


As long as your mobile phone is connected to the Internet, you can easily find the location where it is located. However, if your phone is turned off there are several options you can take advantage of. The first step is to use the Find my device feature on Google. You need to meet several conditions in order for this to work.

For example, your phone must be connected with a Google Account. You should also have access to the Internet and allow Find my device to locate the device or turn it on. If you have several Android devices, select the appropriate device. When Google locates your phone, you can use the Ring option to play a ringtone. This way, you can also delete all data so that your information is not compromised.

2. Google Maps

You can also open Google Maps and click on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Next, select Your timeline and enter the date when you ran out of your mobile phone. You will then access a list of the last locations where he was logged in. Even if your device is turned off, you can still see device location history information.

If you are lucky and the new owner turns on the phone, you can follow his route. So, this tool is different from Find your Device, because it does not focus on tracking a lost phone. It helps you use all the information about new locations for many things. For example, it is a search for past routes.

3. Google Photos


This is another tool to help you find your phone. It’s about backing up and syncing Google Photos. By activating this option, you can see all the pictures in your phone. However, that is not all you will get. In addition to the photos, you will also have the locations where the photos were taken. If the new owner has not signed out of your Google Account, it is very possible that you will receive some new photos in your account. Of course, this is only possible if the phone has internet access.

4. Tracking Apps

Don’t forget to explore all the tracking features, as this is a guarantee that you will always be able to get your phone back. In addition, you will stay up to date with the activities of your child online, employees or your partner. Apps like this have many benefits and can help you in many ways. This will help you learn more about the identity of the person who stole your phone. All you need to do is install GPS tracking of the phone on the stolen phone and you will very easily spy on other people’s activities.

5. IMEI number


International Mobile Station Equipment Identity is a unique number used to locate lost mobile phones. Depending on the type of phone you have, you can easily find it on your device. For example, when it comes to iPhone users, you will have to go to the polls and select General. There you will find the IMEI, write down your number, and keep it with you. Android IMEI you can first look at the back of your phone to find your IMEI.

If you don’t see it there, go to Settings and find the About phone option. There you will surely find the IMEI. You will use this information by handing over the numbers to the police if the phone is stolen. You can also forward it to your cell phone provider and they will monitor your mobile phone instead. You can do this yourself by typing the NAME into the app and it will locate it.

6. Dropbox

This is another app that you can use for a lost phone. However, the Camera Upload feature must be turned on, on the device. When the person who has your phone takes the photo, it will be automatically uploaded to a folder. All you need to do is install this app before something like this happens to you and turn on the feature.

7. Cell Phone Provider Assistance


Losing a cell phone is a stressful event. It’s not just about the device; it’s about the memories, contacts, and personal information stored in it. But fear not, your cell phone provider can be your unexpected hero in this situation.

The moment you notice your phone is missing, and you can no longer find out who is calling you, reach out to your provider’s customer support. Immediate action can prevent potential misuse. For instance, in 2019, identity theft cases skyrocketed, many of which were linked to stolen devices.

Many are surprised to learn that cell phone providers can often track your device, leveraging its last known location. Some even offer advanced services to pinpoint devices when they’re switched off. Such technological marvels aren’t limited to the latest high-end models; even older devices have been successfully located.

Besides locating your device, providers can suspend your service, ensuring unauthorized parties can’t rack up unexpected bills or access sensitive information.


Don’t lose hope even though your phone is turned off, because all is not lost yet. There are several options you can take advantage of, such as a Google Account and phone tracking apps. Our advice is to install these apps immediately to be safer.