For many people, gambling is a way to stress out and maybe get a chance to win some money if there is enough luck. However, some people are getting betting too serious, and some of them even managed to win millions with games such as poker, roulette, or slot machines.

Gambling is accessible to all people, especially today when we have a large number of online casinos, where we can choose from thousands of different slot machines, poker tables, or any other games. If you are interested in playing some game in an online casino and try your luck, you should visit this site, where you can choose some of the numerous interesting slot machines, and maybe win some big jackpot prize.

Unlike most of the people, who are gambling just for fun, some people are looking at gambling as a profession, and they are betting with big amounts of money hoping that they will get rich overnight with the help of cards, dice, or whatever else they are playing.

There are estimated to be around 500 people in the world, who are so good at gambling, that some Casinos won`t even let them in as guests. In this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the greatest and most successful gamblers of all time.

7Wild Bill Hickok


Bill Hickok was a legendary gambler from the Wild West era of the United States in the 19th century. The Wild Bill, as people were calling him, was one of the best poker players in his time, so good that he is now in the Hall of Fame.

Unfortunately, his poker skills cost him his own life, because his last opponent killed him during play, after losing too much. The term, Dead Man`s Hand, when someone is holding two pairs, aces, and eights, is referred to him because that were the cards he was holding when he got shot.

6Terrance Watanabe


Not all gamblers are so lucky, but some people don`t have any limits, and that`s the story of Terrance Watanabe, who holds the biggest negative record of all time as a man who managed to have a losing strike of more than 120 millions of dollars in Las Vegas.

After he lost his money, he sued the Casino and accused them of drugging him and trying to keep him drunk and encouraging him to keep playing. He is suing them for almost 15 million dollars, but the odds are not on his side.

5Archie Karas


The story about Archie Karas represents one of the most interesting stories about how someone can have so many ups and downs. He is considered to be the biggest gambler of all time. Archie was a Greek immigrant, who was working several basic jobs until he improved his poker skills, and became a pro.

After he managed to earn more than 2 million dollars through poker games, but he accomplished to lose everything to that point where he only had 50 dollars left in his pocket. And that is where the most interesting part of his story starts. After he lost everything, he went to Las Vegas with the last 50 dollars and managed to have a huge winning strike, earning more than 40 million dollars.

Getting so much money with starting only with 50 dollars is the greatest record of all time for a winning strike. However, Archie really didn’t know when it is time to stop, and he lost all of his money while gambling in Casinos. He is still living in Las Vegas.

4Bill Benter


Bill Benter was a mathematician from Pennsylvania, who managed to improve his skills of counting cards in Blackjack, and the main reason why casinos are in constant fear of card counter. Most of the casinos in Las Vegas have forbidden him to get in.

After getting banned from almost every casino, he turned at betting on horse races in Hong Kong. With help from Alan Woods, who he met in Vegas, two of them managed to create software that can predict the most likely outcome of every race. His annual income is around 100 million dollars.

3Patrik Antonius


Patrik Antonius is a poker player from Finland, who is currently living in Monte Carlo. After a back injury, which stopped him from becoming a professional tennis player, he is discovering poker as a new passion. His first bet was a 200 dollars’ deposit at some online casino, and a few months later, he had more than 20,000 dollars on his account.

In the years after, he managed to win more than 17 million dollars on online poker, and around 4 million from live poker tournaments. He is one of the rare poker professionals who rather play online games than at live tables.

2Zeljko Ranogajec


Zeljko Ranogajec is one of the most mysterious gamblers, who got rich with counting cards in Blackjack. He is banned from most of the casinos in Australia. After being banned from all casinos, he replaced Blackjack with betting on horse races.

He is using his high math skills for predicting which horse has the biggest chances for a win. There are some rumors that he has an annual income of more than one billion dollars, while his total net worth is kept in secret. Zeljko is one of the richest gamblers in world, and he is currently living in Europe.

1Billy Walters


Billy Walters is one of the most successful gamblers when it comes to sports betting. Many analysts are working with him to help him in deciding on which game should he bet, and with how much money. He is also not welcome in Las Vegas, and many bookers won`t take his bets.

Billy holds a record for the highest-ever bet on some sports game, with 3.5 million dollars. Also, he is earning around 15 million dollars a year, and his biggest won in one day was two million dollars. His net worth is valued to be around 200 million dollars.