When looking to play roulette like a professional, there are vital considerations. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what you should know.

Play Roulette Like A Professional: Everything You Should Know


Those looking to play roulette online often consider this title as one of the most popular casino games of all time. Roulette has been around for nearly two centuries and has become symbolic and synonymous with gambling as an activity. The origins of this globally popular game are almost impossible to unravel, but that hasn’t stopped it from becoming an industry phenomenon.

When it comes to why roulette is so famous and popular, its simplicity is at the top of the list. This game is fast-paced and relatively straightforward, despite appearing complex at first. Consequently, countless players prefer this game to other table games like poker or blackjack. The reason is that roulette is easier to understand and relaxing to play once you grasp the basics.

Playing this game also requires choosing the right venue that’s safe and player-friendly. We recommend checking out as a premier online resource and game guide if you’re looking to play online. Here’s a detailed guide on how to excel at this casino game.

1. Play Roulette: The Fundamentals


There are three distinct parts to every roulette wheel. The first part is the ball track that the dealer/croupier uses to send the ball rolling. Once the ball leaves the ball track, it begins its descent to the base track, which is the second part. Lastly, the wheel head containing the pockets is the third and final part, where the ball finally settles.

You’ll come across bumpers on the base track in modern roulette tables. These bumpers ensure that no one can control the ball. Additionally, the pockets feature distinct divisions that prevent the ball from making a clean descent. These features combine to ensure the results of each spin are random.

2. Types Of Roulette

When looking to play roulette, keep in mind that you’ll typically come across three different variations across online and land-based operators. These variations include French, American, and European roulette.

1. French Roulette

When looking for the most original version of this game, start with the French variant.

This game continues to be widespread across brick-and-mortar and online casino venues worldwide. Additionally, since it’s kept the authentic betting options in French, it adds a unique feel to the game.

However, despite “sounding” cooler, the French betting options also feature significant advantages to players. For instance, La Partage (“The Divide”) rule is only available in the French variant as an even-money bet option.

During this bet, anytime the ball lands on zero, even money wagers only lose half their value (divided evenly between the players and house). Consequently, this rule cuts down the house edge from 2.7% to 1.35%.

2. American Roulette

When looking to play roulette as a novice or casual player, experts recommend steering clear of this version. The roulette community agrees that this version of roulette is the most challenging of the three.

The reason for its trickiness is that the American roulette wheel contains two zero positions instead of one. One side of the wheel includes a single zero, while the other contains a double zero, and the additional pocket on the wheel increases the house edge. Therefore, it’s less player-friendly than French and European versions.

American roulette’s house edge stands at 5.26%.

3. European Roulette

This version of the popular game is a modern take on the classic French roulette game. The differences include the wagering terminology translated to English and the absence of betting options like En Prison and La Partage. Like the original French Version, European roulette has a single zero and a 2.7% house edge.

When looking to play roulette like a professional, understanding the layout of the wheel is critical. At first glance, the numbers on the roulette wheel don’t seem to follow any pattern and appear random. However, this is not the case.

Each number on the wheel sits directly opposed to its consecutive counterpart. For example, 10 Black always sits opposite to 9 Red, 25 Red is directly opposite 26 Black, etc. Note that the American and European wheels have distinct differences. These differences significantly impact your winning chances and should influence the bets you are looking to make.

3. How To Play Roulette


This famous game doesn’t have a steep learning curve. You’ll be able to build a basic grasp of how to play after watching a couple of rounds. Note that making bets is the first step, after which the dealer sets the wheel spinning and throws the ball into it in the opposite direction. Players can continue placing bets even during this process.

However, the player will announce “no more bets” once the ball rolls at the wheel. The ball will eventually rest on a number within the wheel. If any players have bet on that color, section, or a specific number, they receive rewards according to the relevant odds.

There are various bets you can place when playing this game. The most common classification includes inside and outside bets.

1. Inside Roulette Bets

The roulette table features a unique layout with a numbered grid. An inside bet is any wager that a player can place within that numbered grid. These bets can include wagering on an intersection, a line of numbers, etc., to betting on a single number.

Note that betting on just one number results in the highest possible payout of 35/1 for a win. Inside wagers are more challenging but also come with more excitement and fun compared to their outside counterparts.

2. Outside Roulette Bets

Conversely, outside bets refer to wagers that players can place outside of the main numbers field. Most of the online gambling community considers these bets less risky than inside wagers, meaning that they are typically the way to go for inexperienced players.

Final Thoughts

You’ll often hear that many players discuss various roulette strategies as methods for improving winning chances. On the other hand, industry experts claim that systems don’t work in this game because it relies on pure chance (luck) and not skill. Whichever option seems more plausible for you, remember that it’s essential to incorporate a systematic approach to gaming. Those looking to play roulette should note their bankroll at all times to avoid going overboard and spending more than they can afford. Good luck!