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Chichen Itza is an ancient Mayan city founded in the year 900 A.D., it was named the cultural heritage of the nation in 1988 and later one of the seven wonders of the world in 2007.

This city has the most significant number of remains found that have served to document the history of the Mayans who lived in the city for thousands of years. Some of the most famous buildings on the site are the temple of Kukulcan, where the Mayas made sacrifices to their gods and sacred rituals. Since, recognized archeologists have discovered human remains and even jade jewelry inside the cenote, which is inside the pyramid, known as the sacred cenote.

Chichen Itza also the second most important archaeological zone in Mexico after Teotihuacan with a visit of at least 1.2 million visitors a year, making this area one of the most significant inflows of money for the state of Yucatan.

5Characteristics of the pyramid

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The pyramid of Kukulcan, built in honor of the feathered serpent, has 364 steps added on each side and one at the top of this. Adding 365, a number that according to the Mayan calendar and now the Gregorian. Was used to calculate the days when the earth gave a full turn to the sun.

A curious fact about the pyramid is that within it is a pyramid of smaller dimensions, within which archaeologists and explorers (in their time) found thousands of sculptures of Chac-mol and other gods, implying that this site was exclusive to shamans and ceremonies performed in the city. Chichen Itza is considered a sacred center of the Mayan culture because its name means the mouth of the well of the witches of the Water, for the Mayas were faithful worshippers of deities of rain and earth.

This ancient Mayan complex is characterized by having the most exact and precise constructions because most of them wer’e planned for important events such as sunrises and sunsets,

equinoxes, eclipses, the summer solstice, and so on, one of the main tools for them was the observatory because it is worth mentioning that these were also guided in the direction of the planets and stars to make the monumental constructions that today are the number one tourist attraction of Yucatan.

Every day Chichen Itza receives an impressive influx of tourists, so the state authorities have fenced the entrance to the sculptures until further notice because it is so large that it has not yet been discovered all that keeps this site in its entirety.

4About the Ball Game

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If you visit Chichen Itza. Don’t forget that you will be able to know the ball game area. This game was used to solve social and managerial conflicts.

This game consisted of throwing the rubber ball into one of the hoops of the upper part of the construction of the court, in which the loser would be sacrificed or receive punishment in front of the entire population.

Around the court, there are also steps. They are considered as the stands to officiate this game. To one side of this place is the temple of the tiger, and to the other, the temple of the jaguar. It is believed that this was the division between the two teams that faced the realization of this activity.

3Activities inside Chichen Itza.

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Near Chichen Itza, you will be able to know the route of the cenotes where you will be enchanted to know each one of the sites and near towns, by which you will be able to enjoy an impressive gastronomical variety.

Diving and Zip-lines are some of the activities you can do inside the site, as well as swimming in cenotes of freshwater and crystalline you can enjoy extreme events, and sports such as ATV rides!

2How to get to Chichen Itza

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With the number of places that you need to visit in Cancun, you should check out some of the transporting options in the city. As suggested by car rental company CarrentalCancun, renting a vehicle is the most convenient option, but, taxi or transporting agency can also be a good choice for those that plan on exploring.

1What to do in Chichen Itza and Near Chichen Itza

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Near Chichen Itza, you can find different activities, more ruins, more cenotes, restaurants, beautiful lagoons, and beautiful beaches. So you can not miss one of the sites during your visit to this incredible archaeological zone, do not forget to buy souvenirs to take home and share the beautiful memories of your trip.

In the place, you will love to know that you can enjoy the night show of lights and sound, in which you will know the best stories about the history of the Mayans who lived in the area and their customs and traditions.

Before the spectacle of light and sound, if you wait a little time, you will be able to witness during the sunset the feathered serpent (the shadow) descending from the pyramid to the ground, a spectacle that represented for the Mayas the blessing for the harvests and the rains.

What to bring

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Travelers who visit Chichen Itza will identify with these points, because if you want to avoid a moment of suffering on the site, what you must do is as follows.

Take special clothes to swim; the more covered you can find better, with a diving shirt and a few shorts will be more than enough.

It takes sunscreen because the site is usually very sunny and often the rocks reflect the rays of the sun, making your experience is perhaps warmer than usual.

Don’t forget comfortable shoes, sandals, swimming shoes or tennis shoes will be your allies in this incredible adventure.

Hat or cap, cover yourself from the head will be an intelligent choice, because you can avoid a sunstroke.

Bring with you a jug of water; it is always an excellent option to carry a canteen of water that will save you from a reasonable time of dehydration by the hours you spend doing physical activity and walking under the sun.