Mexico is a country rich in multiculturalism, that’s why you can’t and shouldn’t miss out on knowing every detail of the cities that make up this magnificent country.

And that’s why in this post we’ll show you why Mexico is so famous for being one of the most visited destinations with up to 39 million tourists a year, making it the 8th most famous tourist destination worldwide



This is one of the least known sites by tourists worldwide, and at an international level, people know that Oaxaca is one of the best options for vacationing and having a pleasant time.

It has activities such as visiting one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico as Puerto Escondido, a real paradise for anyone who comes to this incredible site.

Another famous tourist attraction is the pyramids of Monte Alban, one of the ancient Zapotec cities that will offer you an astonishing view of the valley from the top of one of the pyramids that you can visit daily. Also, you can check the ethnobotanical garden, with thousands of hundreds of species of plants inside.

The plain is another place you have to visit, this garden and park are ideal for the whole family, and you will definitely enjoy your time here.



Tulum is considered one of the best locations to enjoy breathtaking scenery overlooking the sea with white sand and turquoise water, which stands out for offering the most impressive and spectacular views from the archaeological site.

Here you can see the castle and if you go deeper into the area, enjoy the sea in Playa Paraiso, where you will surely love to swim and enjoy the little and calm waves of the beaches.

During the weekends, Tulum is a very coveted site. So, we recommend coming here during the week – this way, your visit will be much more comfortable, and you will not have to worry about the multitude of people who can ruin your perfect shot of the site.



Cancun is the capital of tourism in all of Mexico, and this city receives more than 70% of visitors in the country. It is defined as one of the seven cities with the best beaches in the world. Cancun, in turn, has hundreds of activities more than just the beach.

During the afternoon, you can enjoy a cultural or gastronomic tour within the city in which you will love to discover the local food stalls in which you will surely want to have a good time trying the menu.

To get to the hotel zone from Cancun, one of the most popular ways is booking the Cancun Airport Car Rental, and according to City Car Rental, they and other car rental companies get quite busy in the season. This is definitely the quickest way to get to your hotel as a tourist because public transport is not the best in the area, while cabs can be more expensive for some.

When you settle in Cancun, make sure to visit the observatory, the Mayan museum, get on the Ferris wheel outside the plaza the island and tour the hotel zone.



This is a small island that, for over a decade, has flourished and is growing to prove that it is one of the most relaxed islands in the world because it has a barrier of larger coral reefs, where you can find vibrant colors and impressive aquatic species.

Some of the most popular activities in the area are diving and snorkeling, activities that allow you to enjoy the depths of the sea at its best. For this, don’t forget to bring a water camera or a Smartphone with a waterproof protector, because you will surely want to take pictures of your experience in the city.

3Chichen Itza


Chichen Itza is one of the most famous ancient Mayan cities in history, where you can learn much more about the activities they performed and the customs they used to have at the site. One of the most important areas to know is the Kukulcan Castle, where sacrifices were presented and were one of the main centers specializing in rituals and other for the Mayan culture.

This place is considered as the capital of the Mayan Culture and being named in 2007 as one of the most seven famous wonders of the modern world among the seven creditors to the title as the Chinese wall and the taj mahal temple.

Close to this site, you can enjoy various places like the cenotes and beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula, plus important Mayan cities much smaller where you will also find an incredible variety of stories about the Mayan culture and more.



Time ago it was believed that Acapulco was a very unsafe city, driving thousands of tourists away from this incredible place, causing the town to be overshadowed by other new destinations like Cancun and Tulum. Nowadays, Acapulco is a much safer city than before, and it is strongly recovering more than half of the visits that had been had some decades ago.

Some of the most impressive attractions of Acapulco are snorkeling in one of the most incredible beaches of Acapulco as the fort of San Diego, the lagoon three sticks, is one that many people confuse with the sea. The calm is so much that you can rest in front of the place and enjoy the incredible peace and little noise of the area.

Another exciting activity is surfing at Revolcadero Beach, a place where visitors love to take their boards and spend an incredible and pleasant time between the waves and the rolling waters.



Chiapas is the penultimate, but one of the most important places in Mexico to visit, some say that if you have not visited Chiapas, you do not know what paradise is. It is very accurate to say this to the people who visit the place.

The reason is that Chiapas is one of the giant oxygen lungs in the world. Besides having one of the largest ancient Mayan areas as palenque and the canyon sinkhole, one of the enormous attractions of the site, located right on the river Rijalva and Chiapa del Corzo.

San Cristobal de las Casas is also one of the most relevant sites lately on the place, where you can enjoy a beautiful colonial area and with which you can walk the charming cobbled streets. Here you can visit the most important architectural monuments like the cathedral and El Templo de la Merced.

Enjoy your next trip to Mexico!