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If your relationship is beginning to feel like it may be stagnant or repetitive, then it may be time to add something a little different to the mix. Falling and being in love isn’t always quite as easy as it seems, it often takes a lot of work to stay to make sure both parties are as happy as they can possibly be.

This time can come at any point, and it will always differ depending on the people involved. What the hardest part often is, is admitting that you may want to change a few things. You need to be confident and open enough to admit that you would like things to be a little different, or you just want to add a little more to areas in which you lack.

If your partner feels the same way, then great. If they don’t then the benefits that will come with each of these tips will improve their outlook regardless of what it was before.

5Take A Bath Together


This may seem like a very simple suggestion to most. It may even be something that a lot of people already partake in, even on a regular basis. But it can be an essential part of feeling closer to your partner and having them see you in encounters that they have never seen you before. The likelihood too is that you’ll both be in the nude, and when this is the case one thing often leads to another.

Getting in the tub together isn’t even always about what is likely to follow next. Hopefully, you will have a bath more than big enough for the two of you and you will be able to enjoy the full relaxation that the hot bubbles have to offer.

It will give you time to talk about anything that may come to mind. Talking about your day, how your feeling or something that’s on your mind is often an afterthought but this important alone time can give you the chance to open up what has been on your mind.

4Have a Date That’s Like No Other


Dates are always great in any format. You may have even found something that makes you both happy, whenever you take part. Sitting down for a meal can have some of the same benefits that sharing a bath can have.

Being able to sit down and have a deep conversation about things that may you may miss and you get on with your busy days. Often though, these things can become a norm in the relationship. Why not make your precious time together, or the dates you share something that is new to you both, so you can create new experiences together, rather than doing something that you may have both shared with others in the past.

You could consider something completely heart racing like ski-diving or rock-climbing. Or you could go to watch an outdoor film? If you like to have a drink, why not consider a brewery tour. Anything that is completely new to you that you can share with each is sure to add to your already close-knit bond.

3Consider Adult Toys In The Bedroom


Sex toys (for more information visit – have always been a bit of a taboo subject in the social spectrum. We have always kept this topic under wraps as an individual’s sexual desires have remained close to their hearts. We don’t see any reason though, why a couple that enjoys those intimate moments together can’t be more adventurous in the bedroom. Sex toys don’t have to be in reference to the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the term.

Some websites provide a dedicated selection of toys that have been purposely curated or couples. From toys made for the build-up to intercourse, to those that are for the experienced users you can find yourself opening up a whole new world to explore with your partner. All the while making your bedroom moments better and better.

2Pretend That You Have Just Met


This one is a little more difficult to grasp, or maybe take seriously. That being said, it is something that has proven to give thousands of couples a new, sexy outlook on their relationship.

They get to feel like they are meeting someone for the first time all over again. Not because there is something wrong with their relationship, but why not try meeting the one you have fallen for the very first time to relive that same amazing feeling that you desire so much.

To do this is very simple. One of you should go into a bar, a great setting for a first date, and sit at the bar or a free table. Then, the second member of the duo enters and stands within eye-catching distance, so the looks can be shared.

Whether you decide to keep the same names or become an alter-ego is totally up to you. Many have said that becoming someone new for the encounter adds even more lust to the situation. From there, flirt the night away and go wherever the mood takes you.

1Add Some Alone Time To Your Schedule


Everyone is busy. Unfortunately, this is something that many of us simply can’t avoid. If you’re a business/career-driven person, you may find that you are simply unable to squeeze anything out of that free time. For the happiest relationships though, time MUST be divided out properly. A life with an unhappy relationship is likely to impact your career achievements too. Therefore both should go hand in hand.

The amount of time you should count for is totally dependant on you and your partner. Consider also that there may be some important things in the diary that quite simply can not be missed. But, whether it is daily, or bi-weekly you should have time aside for nothing other than spending time talking, laughing, relaxing with the other half of your relationship.