People have their own reasons for cheating. Both men and women cheat, and the pain of having to go through your partner committing such a vile act is heartbreaking.

But being cheated on can also affect your life in many other ways. From falling into a state of depression to developing resentment for the person, and even trust issues later in life.

There have been many cases where a person could not enter a new relationship because of it. Furthermore, people often end up not trusting the next person they fall in love with or even have trouble falling in love in the first place.

But what are the reasons why people cheat? To put some clarity on the table, we are going to tell you the 10 reasons why.

10Their Parents Used to Cheat


Children usually tend to mimic the things they see from their parents. Social dynamics play a key role in a child’s progression as a person.

So, if a person cheats then it might be trauma from his childhood. Some do it because they’ve seen their parents do it, and this could develop into a frightening norm. However, this is quite an uncommon scenario and probably one of the least causing factors.

9They Have a Bad Personality

Our personality traits shape us into the people we become later in life. If a person has a bad personality trait, then that is far more likely to cheat on a spouse.

A clear example of bad personality traits include addicts, thrill-seekers, narcissists, chronic liars, etc. If your partner has any of these traits, do beware as psychology deems them most likely to cheat in a relationship.

8They Are Going Through a Phase


One of the most common reasons people cheat is all down to life phases which can be hard to go through. But it’s not only life phases. Relationship phases are also hard to go through, and people can turn towards excessive partying and even cheating to cope with it.

This is a very common reason why men cheat, in particular. According to physiologists, men have a fear of entrapment and commitment so they turn towards cheating.

7They Do It For the Thrill

People can be very weird, and this next one definitely tells why.

Namely, some people have a fetish of nearly getting caught in the act. This is not something uncommon and many people get turned on because of it. The thrill and excitement of nearly getting caught cheating is the reason why some people cheat.

The thrill also comes at the result of a boring relationship, repetitive and predictable sex life, and more. So, they look for one night stands and even long-term cheating as an alternative to something new, fresh, and exciting. And, as we mentioned earlier, some people combine this with the thrill of getting caught to heighten the thrill.

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6They Don’t Feel Loved or Appreciated


Some people go through difficult relationships where they feel they’re not loved or appreciated for who they are.

This is something very common in our society. These relationships are usually disastrous, where one person takes the other for granted. When in this situation, it’s easy to feel betrayed and those that feel this way usually have nothing left to fight for in their relationship.

So, to help cope with the neglect from their partner, they turn their love towards another person, someone that will love and care for them. If a person cheats because of neglect and is still in a relationship, then the person is still cheating regardless if he feels the act is justified.

5They Are Insecure

Again, a very common reason people cheat is down to insecurity issues.

A relationship where one person is insecure is a recipe for disaster. Not only will the person not trust you, but he will also cause all sorts of problems. These problems will mostly stem from the fact that the person will be jealous and controlling.

To top it off, the jealousy, insecurity, and controlling will reach such a high point that the person will simply turn to cheat. There have also been instances where the person has to face an insecure partner has turned to cheating.

4Out of Revenge


Those relationships that are still going despite someone cheating are doomed to fail from the start. While we do agree that some people will forgive their partner even if they have betrayed them, they will never fully get over it.

When in this situation, old scars will eventually resurface, and they can be hard to deal with. No one likes being cheated on, so even if the person does forgive, chances are they are going to want to get revenge.

They do it not because they willingly want to, well some do it, but mostly because they want the other person to feel their pain and even cure their own. If they do it out of revenge, most don’t feel good about it later on.

3They’re Not Willing to Commit

Some people aren’t fully aware that their partner is fully committed to their relationship. When this is the case, they will at some point meet someone else that will share the same views as them.

You can actually prevent this from ever becoming an issue if both you and your partner are open to each other and exclusive. You can then discover his/her intentions and put an end before getting hurt.

2They Are Fearful


And yet another reason people cheat is because of fear. This could be anything from fear of abandonment, fear of commitment, etc.

Although many psychologists suggest that you are making it much worse if you fear abandonment and decide to cheat on your partner.

1They Lack of Communication Skills

And yet another reason why people cheat is that they cannot solve their relationship problems.

Having communication skills is a major perk if you want a healthy relationship. So, to not get cheated on, and to not cheat, we suggest both you and your partner work on your communication skills.