It is not a secret that coffee is one of the most popular drinks in Europe. This especially counts when we talk about Scandinavian countries. For instance, Finland is the country that consumes this product the most. The cold weather is probably the main reason why people in the north part of Europe drink this coffee the most. However, that doesn’t mean it is not popular in the other parts of this continent.

Coffee is an integral part of the lives of Europeans. Yet, that doesn’t mean that all Europeans drink the same type of coffee. There are a couple of types that are the most common in this part of the world. Let’s analyze them together.



Espresso definitely deserves to be in the first place of this list. It is primarily an Italian coffee, but it is equally popular in other parts of this continent. You can find it in many coffee shops from Great Britain to Greece.

It is made under high pressure through roasted coffee beans in a so-called espresso machine. As a result, you will get a highly concentrated coffee drink.

Still, in different countries, people serve this coffee differently. For example, Italians mostly serve it in miniature mugs which you can drink with a single shot. However, if that’s not enough for you, then you can order double espresso that is more famous as Caffe Doppio.

Anyway, espresso machines are affordable. You don’t have to go to the coffee shop to try out this product. Despite the espresso machine, you will have to get beans which are also affordable to the average person.

There is a great post to read at My Friends Coffee that we suggest you read. You will find out which beans are perfect for your morning espresso.

There is also a variant of espresso that is well-known as cappuccino. Cappuccino is made of equal parts of espresso, milk and froth milk. For instance, Italians love to consume this product in the morning hours.

6Caffe Latte


Well, we can describe this type of coffee as cappuccino with more milk. The ratio between the mil and espresso is 3:1 in most cases. This type of coffee is usually served in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, and other ex-Yugoslavian countries.

If you are a fan of chocolate, an even better choice for you would be to order the Macchiato. This is a sort of Caffe Latte that contains chocolate and whipped cream in most cases.

Still, Latte is not only popular in South-East Europe. Many people in Denmark consume this type of coffee as well. In this country, Latte is some sort of social drink. Danish people usually drink it in groups at coffee bars or homes.

5Caffe Au Lait


Well, the latte has another variant, but it is a bit different than the original “version”. This type of coffee is weaker than the original Latte. This could be an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. If you feel that espresso or Latter are too strong for you, this might be a perfect choice.

Anyway, Caffe au Lait is one of the most popular coffees in France. They usually consume it in the morning hours, after breakfast. It is hard to see French people consuming this type of coffee during the other parts of the day.

Still, this coffee is not only popular in this country. Many people in Belgium and the Netherlands like to consume it as well. In these two countries, you will mostly find it topped with cinnamon, chocolate, and whipped cream. You will be able to choose between these three products.



Kaffee is actually a German word and when you translate it to English it means “coffee”. It is good to know that this country is not only famous for its beers. German people are coffee lovers as well. People in this country are some sort of “old-school”.

They rather choose to use a drip filter instead of the espresso machine. Because of that, their Kaffe is strong, but at the same time, it is mild in flavor and it has bitterness taste. Believe it or not, people in Germany usually mix this drink with beer. They say that kaffee cures hangovers. Try it out and tell us if this is true.



As we said in the beginning, Finland is the country where people drink coffee the most. Logically, they have their type of coffee as well. This coffee is made of lightly roasted beans and brewed. They do not use any machine; kahvi is made through the traditional filter method.

Believe it or not, Finish people do not consume cappuccino or espresso at all which is a bit ironic when you hear they are the biggest coffee lovers.
There is no certain part of the day when Finish people consume this coffee. More precisely, they drink it constantly. Believe it or not, there are 2 mandatory 15-minute coffee breaks in each workplace in Finland.

Anyway, you probably think that coffee is some sort of social drink in Finland. Well, that’s far away from the truth.

In most European countries, coffee connects people. It is some sort of group drink that people consume with their friends and family members. In Finland, their Kahvi is some sort of “silence drink”. They like to consume it privately.



This type of coffee is especially popular in Poland. Yet, people in the east and south-east of Europe also consume it actively. In Poland, you can find various types of Kawa including white, sweetened, frothy, black, etc.

You don’t have to be from Eastern Europe; making Kawa is very easy to make. You need to add a couple of spoons of ground coffee to hot water. After that, you need to wait for it to sink between five and ten minutes and that’s it. You got your Kawa.

1Turk Kahvesi


Turkish coffee serves as an inspiration for many South Eastern and Middle Eastern countries. Most people in this region prepare coffee in the same way. They use finely ground coffee beans and the Arabic ones are the most popular.

The preparation process is easy as well. You need to boil ground coffee, water, and sugar. If you do not like sweet coffee, avoiding sugar is also an option.

You can find this sort of coffee in Bulgaria, Cyprus, and Greece.