Nowadays, no matter what society has, it has its own special clothes. People have raincoats, pets have pet clothes, and of course, cars also have clothes. Today we have all the advantages of picking up the jersey together.

In the summer, many car owners in order to avoid car exposure, resulting in aging car interiors.

The car will be parked in a relatively cool place, and many open-air parking owners will choose to park under the tree. At this time, the car clothing reflects its importance, which can prevent the branches, leaves and bird droppings from causing damage to the appearance of the car.

Also, when you do n’t go out on a rainy or snowy day, adding a car to your car can prevent rain and snow from damaging the car, and it can become a car’s warm clothing and covers available on

Dazzling door panels are prone to rust, and everyone must know the problem. The problem with the car window water strip is that the rainwater basically flows into the car door along the glass, and then flows out from the water outlet hole below. At this time, the car clothing, even more, reflects the necessity.

With the cover, you can also prevent the thief from remembering the valuables if you forget to bring them in the car. Because I can’t see it. It is recommended that when you park your vehicle for a long time, you should remember to tie the clothing to the wheel hub.

If you encounter sandy weather or wind, you can avoid the clothing from scratch. This article is an original article by the author of the headline article, and may not be reproduced without authorization.

6Is it necessary to use covers? Is the cover really so versatile?


In the summer, the temperature is high. In order to prevent the car from being exposed to heat, the owner can do everything he can. At this time, a kind of car clothing is produced to put on the car; cover the car!

It’s too confusing, what’s the protection against high-temperature UV rays, worm carcasses, scratches, and the like; but is it really necessary to use it? Is the function so amazing?

5It is this garment

Let me talk about his function, can indeed prevent dead insects guano resin, etc., although these things corrosive paint is great, but the biggest problem is not painted; do automotive beauty all know the biggest problem is the paint scratches and oxidation;

high-temperature UV paint can be dimmed, sewing can effectively cut off ultraviolet rays, but it does not cut off the high temperature, the temperature of the vehicle at high temperatures have been high, give him cover layer, wanted a pot temperature of a lid covered him, air circulation causes an increase in humidity, moisture will accelerate the vehicle moldy certain components, aging!

4Ultraviolet light can effectively isolated, and does not prevent heat

Besides, eliminate scratches! Expect him to put an end to this kind of thing scratches? !! A no hardness, no two resilient! The main thing is when you use the body must ensure clean, otherwise fine dust covering the surface of the car, you will be after the garment cover, under the action of the wind, into a car with you, like sandpaper, soft, slowly in all directions, almost no dead ends polished with your paint surface. Do not pay attention too early to tell, in bright light will see the paint is very obvious.

3There are a lot of micro-scratches car after some  clothes


Come talk about the disadvantages:

no small sewing it, to cover the entire body, then a person is not good operation, not very convenient to use, especially in the case of the body dirty can not be used; a bit tasteless;

A person operating time and effort

sewing dirty easily, the paint itself has a certain self-cleaning ability, no sewing, this clothes washing off frequency becomes large, increasing the time of care;

Dirty Bar

sewing materials vary; but most of them are positive film, flocking back. Such materials with firmness rally is not strong, it is easy to break. And easy to burn; a burning will occur, but serious damage to paint;

2This is after sewing get spontaneous combustion

In short, for the owner, except for the first few months of the new car, this kind of clothing is furnishing and is basically not used. Basically, the cover is not very useful, and it feels a bit superficial; my suggestion is to usually wax more and maintain more so that the car is not afraid of high-temperature exposure!

1What is the difference between car waxing and crystal plating? You will know after reading


Many do automotive beauty stores often encounter questions such owners: the new car, in the end, is good or waxing plated crystal good? This problem is not troubled by the owners, and sometimes even do not know the maintenance of master answered this question. So the car, in the end, is good or waxing plated crystal good? Xiao Bian give you an analysis.

After the wax is coated with a protective wax to the body surface, the wax thrown gloss paint to improve the brightness level. It is the traditional first-generation lacquered beauty program. The main components of car wax are extracted from petroleum. It is sticky and easily adheres to the paint surface.

Car wax can effectively isolate car paint from harmful gases and harmful dust, prevent the generation of static electricity on the body surface and reduce the presence of charged dust on the body surface.

According to, professional detailers always recommend giving your car a thorough machine polish. Since the machine polish will allow you to correct and restore the paintwork to new, which can then be followed through with a protective wax coating to seal in that new finish.

Attach. Waxing (here specifically refers to hard wax, many liquid waxes are synthetic waxes) is currently the most common and mainstream way to protect the paint. The main component of good wax is carnauba wax.

Because of its hard texture, good gloss, and strong hydrophobicity Therefore, it is widely used and respected. Waxing itself is through the coating of the wax layer on the surface of the paint, and it is the most accepted method to isolate the external corrosion and ultraviolet oxidation through physical activity, and at the same time improve the gloss of the paint surface. It is generally cheap to wax about 100, and the effect lasts for a while. Around the month.