When planning your business or leisure trip to a dream destination, you think of every minute detail to make your travels stress-free. You book hotels, research on the weather, plan an itinerary and read up on your destination’s culture and must-try. But an essential aspect of your trip is car parking, especially the airport car park.

Looking at available parking services in the area and service providers is a must to complete your trip.



The most obvious reason is for convenience. You can travel at your own time and pace without worrying where you’ll park your car or how you’ll find it once you’re back from your trip. Having a parking reservation ensures your spot and avoids the need to circle the parking lot numerous times just to find a decent place.

Also, the service provider will have a record on your car’s location rather than you need to remember the parking level and section. Especially during rush hour and peak seasons, you have one less thing to worry about.

Reserving a parking space is also very simple. Various mobile applications and websites offer simple ways to compare and book for airport parking or off-site location. can help you with this task as they provide you with the best airport parking location.

They further state that by not being able to reserve a parking space to park, you risk ending up in the overflow lot and being far away from the airport terminals. You may want to circumvent this scenario by getting a parking reservation beforehand.

5Discounts and Payment Options

Booking a parking space will save you money. Some airport parking providers provide promotions such as early reservations or lower rates for longer parking duration. You have the ability to choose the best deals available for the dates of your travel.

Payment options are also available with parking reservations. You do not need to worry about how you’ll pay your parking fee or if you have the right amount of cash with you. Booking a parking space enables you to choose when you pay your fees and how you want to pay for it. Various providers accept credit cards, online payments or cash.

4Airport Parking Space is Limited or has numerous customers

Most airports have realized that they could gain more and attract more customers by providing them with other services. 5% to 15% of total airport revenue comes from parking spaces.

Hence, airport managements have developed parking services to their customers. However, the various promotions offered by airports have led to an influx of customers while some airports also have limited parking spaces. Thus, reservation is still vital to have a hassle-free travel.

3Option to Compare Service Providers


If you book your parking space beforehand, you have the opportunity to compare the services offered by parking providers. Depending on your itinerary, you can opt for different parking types with hourly, daily or monthly rates. Also, analyze the deals and additional services that they can provide. Some provide valet services, jump-start services, car maintenance and a lot more.

Another important factor is the distance of the service provider to the airport. If you book in advance, you have a general idea of the time you need to allocate for your trip from the parking lot to your airport terminal. Booking ahead will give you an opportunity to select the best option, rather than settling on what’s available on the day of your travel.

Especially when leaving your car for several days, it is advisable to reserve to get the best deals and offers. Some of the service providers provide discounts when a booking is made in advance. Others also offer discounts depending on the duration of parking. Some even suggest packages that combine their different services at a discounted rate.

2Additional Perks and Services

As mentioned above, most off-site parking lots offer assistance to their clientele. If you reserve a parking space with them, they provide various services such as shuttle service to your terminal and help with your luggage.

If your car needs maintenance, some offsite parking providers also offer carwash services and car maintenance packages such as oil change or minor car repairs.

Valet service is another benefit when you opt to reserve parking with service providers. Just check in with them, instruct the attendant and hand them over the keys of your automotive. The only thing you need to do is get yourself and luggage into the shuttle, and you’re off to the airport terminal. This reduces stress from hailing all your luggage to the airport terminal or from walking long distances in the parking lot.

And upon your return from your trip, you just make a call your parking provider for them to pick you up or bring you your car.



This factor may be the primary reason for getting a parking reservation. Imagine a situation where you have just enough time to park your car, gather your things, and move to the airport terminal before you miss your flight.

Without a parking reservation, you will have to settle to whatever free space you notice or accept a parking location without having the time to analyze their security standards. During your trip, you will always think about the safety of your automobile.

On the other hand, having reserved parking will provide you with absolute peace of mind. You will have the opportunity to scan for providers that offer 24-hour surveillance or visit their location to observe their premises.

Most of the parking services are in a fenced location with attendants keeping watch. Although airports impose various security measures, some only utilize floodlights and a few roaming security guards. With a parking reservation, you are guaranteed about your car’s safety.

Have a stress-free journey and save more with reserving a parking space. It is definitely worth it for all the above reasons. Protect your investment and have a clear mind knowing that you have left your car at a secure location and with a trusted company.