With its world-class amusement parks, amazing aquatic attractions, a superb selection of shops and museums, Orlando is something of a tourist magnet – attracting millions of visitors from across the globe each year.

As such, the internet is jam-packed with blogs providing top tips for people visiting Orlando. That’s all well. But what about the lucky lot who already live there? Those locals who need only open their curtains or cross the road to find a fantastic theme park. What do they do to have fun?

For those of you looking throw on your tourist hat and jet off from Orlando, here are six savvy tips to help you on your way.

1Relax at the Airport


Let’s face it, nobody likes airports – they’re overcrowded, hard to navigate, and the rules are always changing. However, a visit to one of the XpresSpas at Orlando for a massage treatment or to an airline lounge for some R&R can completely turn your airport experience on its head and help put you in the perfect mindset for travel.

Likewise, a wide assortment of lodgings is strategically placed close to the Orlando International Airport. In an ongoing review directed by, Orlando International Airport has appraised the most loved air terminal of U.S. voyagers.

Upon landing in the Orlando International Airport, the outing from your door to the primary terminal onboard an encased transport with huge windows is an encounter that gives a mind-boggling sneak peek of Florida’s new condition.

The Orlando International Airport is splendid, alluring and simple to explore, and offers an assortment of eateries and claim to fame stores to help make any delay a beautiful encounter.

2Pack Snacks


At the airport, your candy, chips, and other precious goods will cost you double (if not more) than they would from the superstore.

So do yourself a favor and bring your snacks, you’ll save money and have something to eat in case long queues mean you don’t have time for a proper sit-down meal at one of the many Orlando Airport restaurants. That is why it is best to prepare a travel snack at home.

3Travel with Apps


Apps to know where you are, control your expenses, find accommodation, understand people, have your flights controlled, or receive the best advice from other travelers.

If you’re looking for travel pals that will support and guide you at every stage of your trip, travel apps fit the bill perfectly. There are apps for packing, planning, budgeting, and everything in between. allows you to download the plans of the areas you need and use them offline. You will see points of interest; you can add favorites, and it will also make you a browser. Impossible to overcome it. Orlando has its official airport app to help you fly through the airport like a pro.

4Book a Red-Eye Flight


Red-eyed flights are generally cheaper than day trips that depart or arrive at more comfortable times. These night flights are named for passengers who must arrive at the airport in the middle of the night, depriving themselves of sleep.

If you’re looking to beat the crowds at Orlando Airport, a red-eye flight might be just what you need. These flights take off during the night or early morning and are often cheaper because most people don’t want to fly at those ungodly hours. That’s not the only perk – flying overnight will save you a night in accommodation fees and allow you to arrive at your destination with a full day ahead of you.

The reasons why you should Book a Red-Eye Flight:

  • Choose an unpopular time of year for the route you will fly on.
  • Book your night flight well in advance or at the last minute.
  • In the case of departing at night, think of the money you save on the flight is balanced with the money you will spend on food, entertainment, and accommodation at the airport of call.
  • Compare the prices of the flight and the route you want to take.

5Driving to Orlando Florida


Public transport is excellent when your heading to the shops or your mate”s house; however when there ‘s a pricey flight involved, the unreliability is too big of a risk – it ‘sits far better to drive.

Sleeping on International Drive is a great choice to stay in Orlando. Why? Because it is halfway to Universal and Disney and because it offers endless restaurants, shopping centers, and other attractions. Also, there are a lot of cheap hotels in the area. There are plenty of attractions to visit and things to do on International Drive.

You can move along the avenue with the I-Trolley. This shuttle has many stops along the road, such as the Orlando International Premium Outlets and SeaWorld Orlando, among others. Another aspect that we must take into account when driving in Florida is to respect the speed limits.

It is essential to pay close attention and be careful when entering and leaving the highways, as traffic moves in those areas at high speed. For no reason should you reverse the entrance or exit ramps of a road, except for trying to enter through an exit? In this case, you will see the Wrong Way poster. Also, remember that when you see a “Do not pass” or “No passing zone” sign, you cannot get ahead of another vehicle.

6Be seat-smart


Plane seats are not made equal, so it ‘sits worth researching plane seats using an aircraft app such as SeatGuru before you book your place. In doing so, you ‘you’ll have all the info you need to choose a seat that ‘that’s comfy, convenient and meets all of your requirements.

That’s our list! Are you planning on flying from MCO Airport? Share your top tips in the comments section.

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