When you mention Florida to someone – the first impressions are palm trees, a pleasant climate, fun, and beautiful places to live. In recent decades, besides Miami – Orlando also has become one of the places where people like to travel but also stay for good.

The Flourishing Of Orlando

In the last few decades, Orlando has experienced a real boom in tourist visits, as well as the number of people who have chosen this place for their future life.

Known as one of the hottest and most modern places, Orlando has attracted the attention of both foreigners and Americans. This is the place of natural beauty, but on the other hand, rich social and nightlife – no wonder people love it.

According to some recent research, it is precisely this region that has been designated as one of the best in terms of quality of life criteria.

Which Neighbourhood To Choose For A Living?

Like most American cities, Orlando is divided into dozens of settlements. How to decide where to stay? What is the best place to live for your family?

We will try to answer some of these questions with a guide that will give you at least partial insight into the most beautiful and appropriate places to live.

Here’s what Orlando has to offer.

6Azalea Park


If you are a true nature lover, then this place is almost perfect for you. Surrounded by greenery, Azalea Park is one of Orlando’s favorite areas. The natural beauty of this area will fascinate you at first glance.

The numerous parks and walking trails are ideal for nature lovers as well as recreational enthusiasts who enjoy the outdoors. This place is also home to many bird species, so it is very popular with ornithologists who can often be found there while pursuing their favorite hobby.

When it comes to the quality of life, residents of this part of Orlando will tell you that there is no better place to live. The cozy surroundings are full of greenery, breathtakingly quiet and yet you don’t have to give up on anything the big city has to offer. Although this place may seem a bit drowsy at first glance – the look can fool you.

A rich nightlife will surely please you. However, numerous restaurants, cafes, and other nightlife attractions are mostly reserved for weekends.

Also, it’s no problem getting to other areas of downtown Orlando. If you are enticed by life in a pleasant environment that can provide you with a diverse offer of good places to go, cafes, restaurants – try your luck right in the Azalea Park neighborhood.

5Margaritaville Orlando Resort


If you’re looking for an atmosphere of never-ending summer holidays and sunshine – you won’t go wrong if you choose Margaritaville Orlando Resort. This unique place is designed as a hotel resort with everything you need at your fingertips.

The sun, the beautiful nature, the pleasant climate, and smiling people – this is the impression of all those who have visited this place. Margaritaville, Orlando is designed as a resort that has all the luxury for the most refined taste of tourists. However, this place also offers you the opportunity to turn your life into eternal summer.

Specifically, this place is an all-inclusive one-stop-shop. In addition to the many hotels, there are also special cottages that have all the luxury that today’s modern life demands. In this area, you can find everything you need for a comfortable and comfortable life.

There are many shops, restaurants, as well as cafes and other contents you may be interested in. Let’s not forget that this is the place where the famous H2O water park is located for all lovers of “water adventures”.

You also have the opportunity for having a good time and lunch at Studio Movie Grill. It is worth mentioning that this place is located close to attractive locations such as Disney World, Sea World and other attractive places that make Orlando even more popular. If you want to make this paradise place your home, you have two options.

According to, you can opt for living full-time or renting a house or some of the luxury cottages or apartments. Of course, if you choose one of these options, do not forget that you’ll need a reliable real estate agency.

It is well known that most resorts of this size and luxury generally do not offer the option of buying or renting. Still, everything is different in Margaritaville. See for yourself.

4Lake Frederica


Want to combine nature and urban rhythm of the city? Believe it or not, this is possible. Lake Frederica will give you exactly that kind of life. The combination of nature and urban space have their special character and charm. The proximity of the airport and the city center are suitable for all those who work a lot, or travel by plane frequently.

On the other hand, you have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature, parks, and lakes that surround this area. Frederica Lake can be categorized as one of the places where you can combine the hectic pace of the city with the peace offered by nature that surrounds you.

Here you will enjoy beautiful restaurants, and when you have the desire to be alone and look at the water – there are lakes that will fascinate you. Generally, this is a place of specific style, for people with specific requirements. Maybe something like that works for you.



Want to see what a city within a city looks like? Then Windhover is your place to live! This is also the most urban area on our list of favorite places to live in Orlando. If you opt for this location, we are sure you will be pleased.

You’re so close to the city, yet far enough. What does that mean? The place itself is sufficiently isolated from the typical “urban nervousness”, but on the other hand, you will enjoy all the benefits that the larger city offers you. Here, you will find some of the best bars and nightclubs Orlando has to offer.

There are also plenty of other attractions you’ll see as you fall in love with this place at first sight. A place of fun, a place of walkable restaurants, a place that is unique – just like you. Welcome to Windhover!



Want a blend of nature, recreation, good food and proximity to the city? Conway offers you all that in one. This place is extremely popular because it is located at the main highway junction from where you have access to all parts of Orlando and beyond.

The place is convenient for business people or those who travel frequently because it is close to an international airport. On the other hand, this place also offers you an oasis of nature with a large number of lakes, water recreation facilities, numerous walking trails, etc.

That is why Conway is a place of diversity. You will find the “diversity” on your plate as well because here, you can enjoy the combination of local dishes offered by small restaurants, as well as the food in the well-known restaurants of the world popular chains.

This place is full of new housing complexes, which are mostly populated by the younger population, and you will notice the diversity in this respect as well. All this makes Conway a great place to live for many people of different interests and personalities.