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Curtains or no curtains have been discussed for quite a long and it turns out that curtains are the must-have accessory. Either you have contemporary or classical interior curtains cannot be overlooked. Now when it’s decided how you will determine which curtains you need; readymade or custom made. There comes a lot of choices and benefits of each type that cannot be replaced or provided by the other. Choosing which type you go for needs the following considerations.

1. When do you need them?

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It greatly depends on how quickly you need them. Those who opt for ready-made curtains know that they are a quick and easy solution to transform the existing interior. As they are ready to hang, you just to bring then home and gang straight away. Whereas, when it comes to custom made curtains it takes time to choose the fabric material, style, color, and then wait for them to get ready.

So if convenience is the main concern, opt for ready-made curtains and if you’ve enough time and do not need them at the moment go for custom made ones. It is recommended to have an extra pair of curtains no matter if it’s ready made or custom made at home for unexpected guest arrivals and parties.

2. Consider the overall look

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It is necessary to figure out whether ready-made curtains can provide you with the desired look you’ve been dreaming of. Usually, they do, there comes a large variety of colors and designs that provide you with enough range to choose from. You can find the exact one you’ve been planning for as well if you have standard sized windows.

On the contrary, if your windows are smaller or larger than the standard sizes or you have something unusual or particular in mind it can be tough to find them under readymade curtains. Custom made curtains are meant for unusual sizes and demands. Also not that readymade curtains do not provide extra flair or drape, so if you are looking for something like that for an artistic feel stick to custom made.

3. Do you get value for money you’ve been spending?

Budget is the main concern when it comes to buying curtains. Sometimes budget limits up to your choices and compels you to choose from a few only. Squeezing budget for curtains can stress up your whole routine. So, it’s better to work according to your budget. Readymade curtains are usually economical when compared with the custom made curtains. But also note that readymade curtains are produced on a mass scale so not each piece is made with care therefore sometimes you need to compromise on the quality.

Both customs made and ready-made curtains come in three main heading styles. Pencil pleat, eyelet, and wave fold. Where pencil pleat heading is meant for formal places, it creates a uniform and sleek overall look. These panels have tight pleats at the top that suit well to formal areas.

Such curtains are made from heavy and thick fabrics for their drape and blackout properties. Both readymade and custom made curtains come in pencil pleat headings. Pinch pleat, eyelet, and weave fold are other popular and widely used styles for both formal and casual look. They can be made from any fabric material.

Comparison between readymade and custom made curtains

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It’s your choice, your place. You are the all in all. So design it the way you want. Both types of curtains have some advantages and disadvantages. This article is meant to introduce you to them all.

1. Budget

If you have a tight budget, ready-made curtains is a good go-to as they are produced at a mass scale which reduces the manufacturing cost and makes them available at affordable rates in the stores.

Whereas custom made curtains are exactly what you need. They are made only one or a few pairs only as per your need which increases the overall manufacturing cost for not being produced at bulk scale. You are likely to get a top-notch quality when it comes to custom made drapes.

2. Quality

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Budget is usually the topmost concern when it comes to decorating your place. Limited budget limits up the choices you can shop from. But as stated earlier, readymade curtains are produced in bulk which reduces the manufacturing cost. But you are likely to compromise on the quality because not each piece is made with great care and has given proper attention which can result in low quality.

Whereas custom made curtains are made with great care under the close watch of experts they do not only provide you with the high quality but also fit nicely to the interior. It is worthy to spend a few extra dollars to get high quality and long-lasting drapes for your place.

3. Style and design

Readymade curtains come in many beautiful colors, designs, and styles. Usually, one having standard-sized windows can get a complementing pair of curtains for its place easily from such a huge variety.

But those having bay windows and doors or something specific in mind about the design and color scheme custom made curtains are the go-to choice. It is because they are made in order in accordance with the layout you provide to the manufacturer. They can be made in each size, shape, style, and design that fit well to your place. They also allow you to choose between various textures and fabrics.


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In general, ready-made curtains are the best go-to for a hassle-free and quick transformation. You are not required to go to market or tailor, again and again, to get them designed right. They also save you quite large money as well. But you are required to compromise a bit on the quality and design. On the contrary, custom made is the dream curtains. They are the best quality and provide you with lasting and unique designs.

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