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Love is one of the greatest things that life brings us. When you’re in love with anyone, your heart and thoughts will be just them.

In the very first stage of a relationship, there’s no doubt that you may be confused sometimes. You may question yourself like: “Am I in love with him/her?” or “Are she/he thinking about me in the same way as I’m thinking about him/her?”.

A lot of questions like these will bombard you every day. Your emotions may be up and down unpredictably. Moreover, it’s tricky to recognize them as a passing attraction or real love.

Drawing from and recent researches, we came up with 10 signs to know you’re falling in love with someone. Please read through to find out your feeling is real or not.

10You let them in your world.


According to Dr. Robert J. Sternberg from Cornell University, love includes three aspects:

– Intimacy – the desire to be closely associated
– Passion – the emotional and physical stimulation
– Commitment – the determination to stay together

You can call you’re falling in love with someone else if you notice one of these aspects. Dawoon Kang, a co-founder, and co-CEO of Coffee Meets Bagel, told that: “In terms of intimacy, you tend to reveal as much as you can with your lover. For example, your small happiness at work or your daily routine or your relationship history.

9You always think about the one.


Spending hours to think about your crush can be another sign to tell that you have a feeling with someone. This person will take up a lot of space in your mind, indeed.

If you’re doing something, then suddenly thinking about him/her, the chance is that you’re falling with this person. Dowoon Kang shared to re-read all her husband’s messages and his photos over and over again when this couple started dating as she often thought about him.

8You’re curious to know if he/she is thinking about you, too.


If you’re looking for a sign that this person is also missing you too, you tend to have the real feeling with them. Dr. Jacqueline Olds, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School, said that whenever this person keeps contacting you or suggests spending time together.

Kang also added that: “People can feel warmth if they think about their crushes.”

7You’re addicted to this person.


Yes, you may have a significant addiction to this person from time to time. This emotion resembles how you crave for a cookie or your latte. You can really have a craving for an individual as well.

Dr. Helen Fisher, a chief scientific advisor, has discovered an area of a human brain related to craving named Ventral Tegmental Area (VTA). This area will create dopamine when you’re in love.

6Friends notice your feelings.


In conversions with your friend, do you always talking about the person you have a crush? And do you unconsciously smile because you’re busy thinking about the one?

If yes, your friends will undoubtedly notice your abnormal behaviors. They can know you’re in love as you’ve been making your time with the one more than your friends.

5You feel better about yourself when around him/her.


Dr. Theresa E. DiDonato at Loyola University Maryland said that people step into the first stage of love feel like they have a brave to do more. They start to get out of their comfort zone and want to be a better person.

Should your partner love backpacking; you will start seeing yourself as a hiker too.

4You are tempted to say, “I love you”


It is another sign of romantic interest that people always strive for having physical connections and chances to confess their affection outwardly. Interestingly, men are likely to say, “I love you” first and to fall in love faster than women.

Furthermore, you, as a person in love, will know exactly it is love and not a physical attraction or a lust only. You’re curious about their feelings to you and excited at what makes this person tick. You desire to hear their sharing, too.

Importantly, you want to be courageous and say “I love you” to your partner.

3You’re overlooking other attractive people.


There is no swiping right for Tinder’s contact, no full of unread inbox messages, or no more eyeing on opposite gender people. Should you realize these small changes, you don’t want to invest your time in other people.

You invest entirely your energy, your time in only one person, your partner. Falling in love will cause subsequent changes in attention that you will show less interest and pay no attention to other viable partners.

2You resemble their traits.


DiDonato states that when people step into a relationship, couples tend to have a merge on their perceptions. Due to this overlap in their minds, individuals can see them resembling their partners and even can make the same mistakes as their partners.

In other words, you may begin to choose clothing styles or talk like your lover.

1Your lover becomes a priority.


Rachel DeAlto, a chief dating expert for, shared that “We like to spend time on what we love or who we love.” Therefore, if you’re rearming your life and make more time for your new boo, you may be in real love.

For example, you start to share your free time with your partner more than your best friends; the chance is you are in a relationship with the one.


It’s now your turn to evaluate whether these signs match your emotions and behaviors or not. In the end, you will find out you are really falling in love with your crush, or it’s just a passing emotion.

Do you have other signs out of the ones we mentioned above? Saying yes, you can share with us what they are and explain to like-minded people.