There is no better love than curious love. Those who are curious, they often know how to start a conversation and have a great talk no matter what. Interaction in a relationship is one of the keys to happiness and true love.

Thanks to a great number of people looking for a significant other online, you can easily find someone to whom you can show all of your curiosity and have the best time of your life. According to DoULike, people who look for their dates online are actually a lot more curious than regular people you would meet on the street. If you are wondering how to light up that spark again and you think curiosity is the key, here are 5 great ways to show more curiosity for your significant other!

What is curiosity and how does it really


strengthen your relationship?

Everyone likes to know they are interesting and appreciated. Showing curiosity for someone means wanting to know all about them and being ready to share it all yourself. If there is anything that often makes us feel ‘’safe’’ in a relationship, it is the curiosity and interest our partners show to us when we talk, discuss life and share our thoughts.

Sadly, there are times the sparks of curiosity simply go away, they disappear and we often forget how important it all really is. As soon as you notice a lack of interest and curiosity, your relationship will be going downwards, and you probably do not really like the idea of that at all. If you want your relationship to be healthy and filled with happiness, you must work to show all of the curiosity and stop hiding it behind a cold unamused face.

Lack of curiosity or ignorance – what is it?


It is actually rather simple. If your partner has a lack of curiosity, that does not mean they are ignorant at all. These two things are completely different and you must know their differences:

Ignorance is actually a state of lacking the knowledge and not willing to even try to know anything.

Lack of curiosity is the actual lack of desire to know more about something or a certain someone.

Understanding passive and active romantic curiosity in a relationship

Do you know the difference between active and passive romantic curiosity? If not, you should most likely learn what it means and be able to categorize how you feel about it all. Active curiosity leaves people open and searching for other romantic options out there, while passive curiosity means being curious without really looking for someone actively at all if they come along, they came along.

Ways to cultivate and appreciate the curiosity in a relationship

1Be curious about their thoughts

You may not know what your partner thinking about at all times, but you can always ask and show your curiosity about their thoughts! Listen to the way they talk to you about things that go through their head, pay attention to all of the details and be ready to understand them no matter what.

Do not be on your phone or playing games while your partner tries to open up about something important. You might be good at multitasking, but being present and paying your full attention is the most important part of listening and showing curiosity as it is.

2Learn and be curious about their needs and body language


There are many things your partner might not be talking about at all, but their body language may be the thing you should pay attention to. You may be told about their needs and wishes at the start of your relationship, but we all change, so do our needs.

Make sure to always openly talk about needs and ask them about certain body language you are noticing but cannot fully understand. This will make it obvious you are actually very curious and willing to know more about them in order to make them happy.

3Talk about feelings and ask about their feelings

There are things you should never say to your boyfriend, but there are also many things you must open up about and also be willing to listen about as well.

Maybe your boyfriend/girlfriend has bad experiences with relationships from the past, having a talk about such things will make them feel as if you really are the one with whom they can talk about anything. Knowing their past experiences, their doubts and things that hurt them the most will allow you to be better than that and show them what true love really means.

4Discuss their dreams and goals as well as your own

Talking about their dreams and goals will not only show you are interested and curious about the future with them, but also give you a slight idea of what they want out of their life. Knowing each other’s goals and dreams will make your partner supportive and motivated to do good.

If your partner tells you their main goal in life is to have a family and be happy, you will most likely know they are with you to make that goal happen. Knowing this, you will be able to help them reach that goal, of course, if you are also up for it yourself.

5Show interest in the things they talk about


Of course, there are times your partner will be talking about things you truly do not care about at all, but that does not mean you should ignore them. Listen to their speech, get to know why are certain things important to them and ask them more about it all.

Sometimes you might not be an artsy person, but knowing your significant other lives for it might give you a slight idea of how passionate and deep they really are about the things they love to do. You two do not have to have the same hobbies and enjoy the same things in order to support each other and pay attention to what is being said.