Who doesn’t like going out to their garden and enjoying the colorful view on the numerous beautiful blooms? Keeping the garden clean, colorful, and fabulous takes time, energy, and dedication meaning not everyone can achieve that. Maybe you just don’t have the time or you would rather do something else rather than spend hours crouched in your garden.

If you’re not too big of a fan of gardening, there are some ways to reduce the time necessary for taking care of the flowers. For instance, try choosing some of the low-maintenance flowers that don’t require too much attention and are pretty independent. You can even place them in containers and take them inside your home. Here are some of the best and most beautiful low-maintenance flowers you can add to your garden and home.



This is a perennial plant that is, except for being low-maintenance, also slug and deer-resistant. Furthermore, its roots are poisonous to moles which means you don’t have to worry about animals destroying your garden. The flowers can be purple, gold, or blue. They are incredibly drought and heat tolerant and long blooming.

This plant can benefit a lot from being cut at least by one-third after blooming. They love the sun, but they can tolerate a partial shade also. Euphorbia isn’t too picky about the soil it’s growing in. You can grow them in containers and keep them in your home as well. Since they can be pretty invasive, this can stop them from spreading. For more low-maintenance flowers you can keep in your home, visit Flora Queen.



This is the flower you can now find in almost any garden thanks to its beautiful colors and easy maintenance. It doesn’t mind the poor soil, it attracts pollinators, and repels deer. You don’t have to water it too often especially if your area has a lot of rain. They can flower from midsummer through fall frost and can reach 4 feet in height. The plant is native to the eastern United States, appearing anywhere from Iowa and Ohio to Louisiana and Georgia. Coneflowers grow fast and self-sow their seed.

3Creeping Thyme


This is a wonderful plant with small, adorable blooms that have incredible fragrance. The plant doesn’t need much more than warm weather and occasional watering. It is resistant to drought and it attracts butterflies to your garden. This plant also is deer resistant and it can easily grow in the places that receive a lot of foot traffic. It does require occasional stem cuttings and divisions, as well as moist and slightly alkaline soil.

4Texas Ranger


Texas Ranger is also known as wild lilac and it’s pretty common among all types of gardens mainly because of its appealing purple flowers and easy maintenance. It can stand the drought and hot summer days. In fact, it loves the sun so it should be planted at the place that receives a lot of sunlight during the entire year.

5Rudbeckia (Black-Eyed Susan)


This is a sunflower-looking, small plant that is highly drought-resistant and it will invite butterflies to the garden. However, they aren’t deer and rabbit repellent so it’s probably best to plant them near the other plants that act as repellents. The flowers are bright yellow and will give a beautiful splash of this happy color to the garden and room. Visit for more interesting facts about different types of flowers.