Enamel pins are classy accessories for your clothes that awaken the fashion guru inside you every time you wear them. But not everyone knows how to wear them, safe to say. The prospect of wearing the wrong one strikes fear into both guys and gals. So if you’re not sure how to wear them, here’s a list with trendy tips on how to do it.

1Types of Enamel Pins


Before we get into it, we have to mention that there is a type of enamel pin for everyone’s preference. So with all that said, let’s start.


A boutonniere is the classiest of them all as it is a floral pin that goes brilliantly with suits. They are usually worn at the buttonhole and they make the suit as authentic as possible. Just be careful not to wilt it through.

Long-Stem Pins

Sticking on the subject of floral pins, a long-stem pin serves the same purpose as the boutonniere but this one comes with a longer stem. These types of lapel pins come in all shapes and sizes and are made from metallic materials such as gold, copper, matte black, silver, etc. The most popular designs of long-stem pins include flowers, feathers, animal heads, geometric shapes, etc.

Badges / Mini Pins

Probably the most popular ones out there, badges serve a history long before me and you were born. Firstly worn by the military, badges/mini pins were worn to add color and texture to an already brilliantly looking suit. First designs started as the national flag but quickly moved on to stars, shields, and other small items. Visit website if you want to create a custom one.

2Trendy Ways to Wear Enamel Pins


First off, we have to say that there is a clear way on how to wear enamel pins. We asked and they gave us a few trendy tips on how to style your wardrobe with them.

The traditional way of wearing is to always have them on your left lapel and it should be positioned above your pocket square. This is the classy and traditional way of wearing enamel pins, but we’re going to include other trendier ways.

On Your Belt

A recent trend amongst ladies, enamel pins can be pinned to the holes on the belt. As a general rule, the color of the enamel pin should be different from that of the belt. The pin needs to visible, and that’s why this look goes excellent with a crop top shirt.

On Your Jacket

Probably the most obvious piece of clothing that goes with enamel pins, a denim jacket cannot look the part without an enamel pin on it. But don’t be afraid to add more than one, and as a matter of fact, the more pins you add the better it looks. Don’t be afraid as to where to pin them as literally any part of the jacket looks good.

On Your Backpack

What better way to show off your pins than to strap them on your backpack. Since backpacks are generally in one color, make sure to get one that will stand out from it.