Since Japan is geographically isolated from the rest of the world, it developed in a unique and inimitable way. The culture of Japan is very different from the culture of other countries.

People in Japan are very wise, they always live in peace with nature and enjoy everything that surrounds them. Their life is slow and measured, they never fuss, they prefer to observe the outside world and study it in the smallest details.

We and in collaboration have collected for you 20 quotes that were born in the country of the rising sun. Japanese wisdom is very deep and will help you understand many situations that arise in life. Learn the wisdom of Japan, and comprehend the harmony of this world.

20 The one who loves obeys

The saying means that a person in love is very often led by someone who can inspire.

19You can’t ask for love, it must be deserved


When we feel loneliness in a relationship and have doubts about something related to our feelings, we may be mistaken. You can’t just approach someone and ask them to admire you because, most likely, you will fail in an attempt.

However, if you make yourself the one who deserves the admiration of another, the possibilities increase tremendously. Don’t ask others whether they want to love you. Show admiration towards them yourself and deserve their deepest feelings. This Japanese quote about admiration shows the amazing wisdom of people who live in the country.

In fact, what happens in our lives is more dependent on us. If we fear and don’t listen to our heart, we rarely find people who love us.

18You can force yourself to do anything, but you will not force yourself to love

These words confirm that love is a sincere feeling and it is impossible to cause it artificially.

17Love is not a fire, but it will burn until you extinguish it


This is another adage warning that it is a very strong feeling that changes a person.

16Long-term feelings lead to long-term consequences

This is one of the most beautiful Japanese quotes because it refers to the good effects of our feelings. Life goes with great speed. We are constantly exposed to a huge amount of information and incentives.

However, there is one thing that doesn’t change: love. The deeper it is, the deeper its consequences. The more sincere and deep our feelings, the sweeter and more durable consequences will be.

15To love means to accept vices. To hate means to remember good.

The meaning of this quote is when you admire someone, you must accept all the flaws and shortcomings of your partner.

And when you hate someone, you still need to be able to find something good in a person, something for what you can respect him or her. In reality, of course, it is always difficult to follow this rule, but you should try.

14Love will be the beginning of hate


This is the Japanese version of the famous quote: “There is only one step from love to hatred” And indeed the line between is sometimes very thin. Sometimes just one word or a rash act is enough to ruin everything that has been built up over the years.

13Love can’t be bought for money

In this case, it is equal to the soul of a person, which is much more expensive than money.

12Your gift is not dear to me, your love is dear


Another saying confirms that true admiration doesn’t know self-interest.

11The heart never speaks, but you must listen to it to understand yourself

It is true that our heart can’t speak but a good listener needs a few words. It is often difficult for us to allow ourselves to be guided by what we feel.

However, sometimes you need to be less rational and try to untie the nodes of logic. This quote is very reasonable. It is not always possible to explain feelings with words, and it is often easier to allow yourself to be guided by emotions. But if we constantly use logic, we will lose an important part of ourselves.

10Love is blind

When you fall in love with a person and are “intoxicated” with this feeling, even the flaws seem to be the virtues.

9Only a crazy person can love madly

The quote warns people not to do stupid things because of strong love.

8There is the paradox: we perform feats for those who don’t love us and pay no attention to those who need and love us

This quote is just a reminder that we don’t have to spend our time and feelings on those who don’t need it. You can be happy, have more love and enjoy greater fulfillment in life if you look around and find the right person.

7Love begins with the eyes


It is believed that a person’s eyes can’t lie. They reflect every feeling and every emotion. Therefore, if a person is in love, his or her eyes immediately become kinder and more tender.

6If you like to fight, then be able to make peace

It is important to possess not only negative but also positive qualities. For example, have the courage to ask for forgiveness if your loved one is offended by you.

5If we are destined, then we will meet anyway

Fate unites people no matter how far from each other they can be.

4Love is like a mirror: if you break it, you will never fit it back together

When lost it is very difficult to return it and make it so strong.

3You can’t live without love like without the sun


In this case, it is compared with something without which it is impossible for a person to survive in the world and this is true. Without love, a person loses self-confidence and considers own personality unnecessary.

2For loving people, a hundred miles not a distance

For true love, there is no limit. Exact interpretation: “everything is possible if desired”.

1Real love happens only once in your life, even if you yourself don’t understand it

Any person in love will answer the question about the meaning of life. We must live in love and for love. Without it, everything else is meaningless.