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Having fun with your partner is everyone’s wish. We spend a lot of time with our partners but satisfying each other is the key factor. We cannot force them to enjoy having fun with you, and you have to arouse him or her to peak so they will have equal involvement while having intercourse.

Many people have problems regarding how to turn on your partner if he or she is not in the mood. There are several ways to do so. Just asking them to be intimate with you will not work. You have a body, and you can feel the sensation, the same as your partner can feel it.

Today we will introduce you to 6 ways to turn your decent night into a wild one. You have to perform and satisfy your partner, and he or she will surely appreciate it. The more you show interest in him or her, the more they will be into you (and it).

7 Ways That Will Help You Out

1. Sexting

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You can start with talking to your partner by having a spicy conversation so you can easily give a spark in him or her. A sexy conversation will build the base of your romantic and wild night, small things turn the table, and surely you understand it.

Sexting doesn’t mean talking dirty stuff; you know your partner well enough, so you know what can turn them on. Just recall all the special moments you spent together with your partner. You have to talk about things that brought you closer, and that is the link to your relationship.

Sexting with your partner is quite healthy too. It brings out your emotions and helps your partner to know you well, and he/she gets a chance to get intimate with you.

2. A Date Before The Night

You can plan a whole day to have a wild and lovable night. Spend the day with your partner and surprise him or her what will make them fall for you more, other than making him or her happy. Be prepared and get yourself something to enjoy; you can try sex toys. You must be prepared as once you are into it, there’s no going back. You just have to enjoy it. Visit Cirillas’s and find appropriate sex toys for you and your partner.

On the date, you have to smell and wear what your partner likes. The more you go in nostalgia the more your partner will be involved in you and will show more interest. You have to excite your partner in such a way that it’s just the thing between you and your partner.

3. Kissing on the Neck

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The neck is the most sensitive part of your upper body when it comes to kissing. May it be a man or woman it doesn’t matter, he or she will feel a lot. Again it doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female, you and your partner will surely start getting turned on.

Most females cannot control because they start getting tingles between their legs. If you have a start, go for the neck area first. You just have to make your partner comfortable, so he or she can fall into your arms as if they are part of you.

The neck is the region where most anyone can fall for his or her partner. Just a touch can give you the feel and will melt his/her heart. If your partner is shy, then this move is the key card for you. After feeling the sensation, no one can resist themselves to fall for their loved ones, and in the end, it will turn your partner on.

Kissing on the neck is the base of everything, and you have to go for it whenever you want to turn your partner on and turn your night into a wild one.

4. Lotion on the Body

If you had a rough or tiring day, just put lotion on your body. Get amorous with your partner and start putting lotion and massage them so they can feel your hands all around them and they start craving for you. This will build the spark between you and your partner to have intercourse and can get into it, completely lost, and just having fun.

Applying lotion helps the body to relieve it’s stress and arouse sexually. The slow moments while applying lotion make your partner feel your hands deeply, and they experience goosebumps as a sign of high sensation.

The lotion makes the skin lose the grip, and this makes your partner wilder in the bed, and he or she will try to get more onto you.

5. Make them Comfortable

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You are ready for your wild night, but what if your part is not comfortable? You have to make them comfortable. You have to arrange things appropriately to make the atmosphere and arouse them. Getting intimate takes time; you have to turn them on. Change your bed sheets and get more fluffy pillows.

You can also maybe light up some scented candles to set up the vibe. If you are doing what makes them comfortable, it will definitely lead you to have a great night.

6. Have Something To Lick

Licking arouses the person really quick, and having something sweet to lick will definitely work. Have something like melted chocolate or strawberry syrup to lick. Many females like both. If you want to go slowly and steadily, you have this option to build the foreplay.

These small actions make your partner more excited and give hints about how excited you are for the night and will surely make your partner wilder in bed, and you will have the fun.


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These were the six ways to turn your ordinary night into wild tips and tricks. You can give a shot to some experiments too, such as using some toys. Many of them like it and many may not, it’s all up to you. We have provided the best you can determine from.