The modern technology is making progress every single day. The number of electric cars on the streets is not big yet. Still, people are becoming aware of the consequences that “traditional” vehicles are causing.

Buying a new electric car is a challenging process. This “invention” truly is a future of the planet Earth. However, people hesitate before buying one because they are not quite familiar with all the advantages and disadvantages that electric cars bring.
Well, we are here to give you answers. Logically, you do not know a lot about electric cars because they are still a “young” invention. So, let’s start.

1Advantages of Electric Cars


We will start with the positive side of this product. Before we even start, it is important to mention that there are many more positive things about this vehicle. Still, we want to make your purchasing easier, and it is important to stay objective.

1. Better for the Environment

This is the main reason why people choose this sort of vehicle. Electric cars do not create emissions like traditional cars. Every part of an electric car such as lights, wheels, and other stuff are working thanks to the electrical system. This ensures that your car will be completely safe for your environment. It is good that people started to become aware of how important is to keep our planet clean.

2. Better for Your Bank Account

Buying an electric car is a long-term solution for your budget. The price of the gas varies, but we can say that the average person in the USA spends around 15 cents a mile when driving a gas-powered vehicle.

Electric-powered vehicles are not using gas, and you will spend around 5 cents per mile because electricity is a lot cheaper. Besides that, you can also install a couple of solar panels and cut those expenses as well.

Besides that, the maintenance of electric cars is a lot less expensive. First of all, you don’t have duties that are associated with a gas engine. Despite that, the brakes of electric cars last longer. So, if having a traditional car was expensive for you until now, you won’t have that sort of problem.

Finally, the price of this sort of vehicle is also starting to come down. Older generations probably remember how expensive the first mobiles were. They did not have any advanced features, but the demand for this tool was not so huge. That’s why many people in the world were not able to afford them.

The reason why electric cars were expensive is the same. Fortunately, they became a lot more popular than a couple of years ago. The demand for electric cars made this item affordable to most people. Hopefully, the demand will grow in the future and the prices will become even better.

3. The Number of Options Grows

The bigger demand for this item did not only influence on prices. The multinational companies that are designing cars started to raise the number of items they offer. In the beginning, the buyers were only able to choose between a small number of models. Now, we have a lot more models with different designs, features, etc.

If you plan to buy one, we suggest you visit and see which models you can find on the market.

4. They Don’t Make a Lot of Noise

People that live in urban places know how frustrating noise that traditional cars are making can be. If we replace traditional cars with electric cars, this problem would not exist.

The electric cars are quiet and you will completely enjoy while driving it. Maybe you didn’t know, but legislators in the US proposed to drives to install noise-making devices to their electric vehicles. In that way, they are not able to alert pedestrians that they are nearby. This piece of data probably describes even better how quiet these vehicles are.

2Disadvantages of Electric Car


As we said, it is important to us that make your purchasing process a lot easier. That’s why it is important to show you a clear picture of this amazing invention. There are a couple of disadvantages that we need to highlight.

1. Recharging Time

Well, this is probably the first thing that might bother you. When you drive a gas-powered vehicle, you won’t need more than 2 minutes to recharge it. However, things are different when we talk about electric cars.

The recharging time depends on the model that you tend to buy. Most of them will take you 4 hours for the full battery. Yet, some models require at least 15 hours of charging.

2. Not Enough Charging Points

Let’s imagine that you are traveling for a longer time. In some moments, you notice that you are slowly staying out of gas. Well, that won’t be a huge problem for your trip because you have gas stations almost on every corner.

The number of electrical charging points is still not huge. As we said, electric cars are a young invention. Because of that, it doesn’t need to surprise us why the number of charging points is low.

On average, the electric vehicle can travel around 100 miles. This is a good feature if you are planning to use your vehicle for going to your office or drive around the city. Still, for the longer distances, you will have to find a way to recharge your car.

3. Not Completely “Green”

This may sound contradictory because we already said that they have a lot better impact on the environment than traditional vehicles. Yet, we need to be honest and say that these vehicles are not completely “green”.

Keep in mind that even these items are using energy from the grid, which transports energy from nuclear, coal, and gas. Of course, they are still better than a gas-powered vehicle. Our advice is to try to use renewable energy sources that you can get from wind farms and solar panels. Try to do that whenever it is possible.

Final Thought


We hope that our article gave you a clear picture of why you should purchase an electric car. Things will surely improve in the future and all the disadvantages that we mentioned won’t exist soon.

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So, will you get one? We would like to hear from you!