We cannot deny that technology is a game-changer in today’s world. There are things that people only dream of in the past, which is now possible because of the genius minds of innovators. Take for example, transportation.

The only means of transportation in the past were horses or boats, but because of technology and innovation, the wheel was invented, and then came engines, and finally, the car. While many argue that cars are luxury, more and more cars are being perceived as a necessity because of the benefits and convenience it gives.

The advantages of having a car as follows:

1Mobility and Independence


Cars are considered as a status symbol in the society. They are also considered as a symbol of independence for many, especially for the youth and for women. There is personal independence by having a car because people can drive themselves to their work and personal pursuits without having to depend on the schedule and availability of public transport systems.

2Deficiency in public transportation

While some countries have a better and more sophisticated public transport system, other countries have the worst public transportation system.

There are commuting horror stories where people are packed like sardines in trains, or death trains fly at heart-stopping speed (and not in a good way), or even cruise ships that get capsized often which results in hundreds getting killed in a year! Not to mention that public transportation systems usually operate on a fixed schedule, there is too much hassle involved in public commuting.

This is one of the main reasons why having a car makes for a hassle-free commute because you don’t have to wait long hours in the line to take a cab or ride a train. You can just hop in your car and drive to your destination! In addition, having a car is also a safer alternative because you have sole control over how you control your vehicle.

3Medical emergencies


In 2016, the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Survey showed that there were 145.6 million visits to the emergency room. This is the reason why on such occasions, it is very handy and convenient to have your own car so you would not have to wait for an ambulance to transport you to the hospital. We all know that in emergency situations, every single second counts, that’s why speed is also of the essence.

4Road trips!

Most people like to travel to new and unknown places. In some places, the easiest way to hop from one place to another is through a car.

Cars are very convenient if you want to travel from one state to another and experience the different cultural norms and practices for each community you visit.

Now that we know the many benefits of having a car, what does it take to be a car enthusiast? According to, for enthusiasts, cars are a hobby, a passion, and maybe even a way of life. The sun will always rise and set over their love of horsepower, handling, performance, and style.

Let’s take a look at the different car stereotypes and the unique ways they express their love for cars.

5Car encyclopedia guy


Whether it’s talking about the horsepower and mileage of a car, to the nitty-gritty inner workings of the wheel bearing, the car encyclopedia guy is your go-to person. This person knows every single screw and fastener that any make, type, and model of cars have. If you have any questions about cars? You bet your wheels that this guy can answer that (without googling it!).

6All about appearance car guy

Cars are known social status symbols, but this guy takes it several notches above! For “All about Appearance” Car Guy, car customization is everything. He has new mags for his wheels, a newly painted and waxed exterior and all the other designs and details that make the car look good.

He would rather spend his money on a new paint job rather than changing his oil. You can usually spot these types of guys in car road shows, showing off everything that makes his car extra special.

7Mechanic car guy


Give him a wrench, a jack, and a car and he’s a happy guy. The Mechanic car guy loves to keep his hands dirty and greasy (literally!).

They like to tinker with every screw on the car and are genuinely interested in how the different parts of the car work to improve its overall performance.

8Adventure car guy

Some car enthusiasts do not see cars as a means of making life easier. They see them as big toys.

They like to play it up with their cars ala Fast and the Furious with all those cars drifting activities or dirt mounting adventures. One thing’s for sure with Adventure Car Guy, he would need a whole lot of car washing after his extreme adventures.

9Competition car guy


People are competitive, and the same is true with cars. Competition Car Guy would do anything to be number 1 – whether it’s drag racing, track racing, or rallying. They are so focused on getting that goal medal (literally and figuratively) just to prove that they (and their cars) are the absolute best.

10Brand conscious car guy

Have you ever heard of the movie Ford versus Ferrari? Some people side with Ford, others with Ferrari. For Brand conscious guy, it can’t be both. One brand will always have to take precedence over the other.

These types of guys usually bash the other competing brands with a passion. They are very loyal when it comes to the car brand of their choice and make sure that they spread the word to everyone who within earshot how awesome their brand is.

11Fanboy car guy


.Every latest and greatest trend new cars have, name it… Fanboy Car Guy has it! Whether it’s a self-parking car or cars which have adaptive cruise control, the Fanboy Car Guy has to have it. Their passion lies in being the first to buy anything shiny and new in the automotive market.

Every car enthusiast has his special and unique way to express his love for cars. To emphasize, there is no correct way to be a car enthusiast. You can express your passion in whichever form you want as long as that is what makes your heart happy and your life, fulfilled.