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If you’re looking for a house cleaning service or looking to get into the business of cleaning homes, there will be a few key services you may want to consider as well as some extra services you’ll want to keep in mind.

Not everyone is as lucky to have Mary Poppins taking care of their homes. Be sure to know what services that most clients will be asking for and which ones are not as common to ensure the customer is only paying for the needed services. Read more on this site.

The services that every professional house cleaner should include can be categorized into different subcategories depending on the area that needs to be focused on and the type of cleaning.

The subcategories that you might find listed as services for professional house cleaners might include, but not be limited to the following:

1The Basics


All areas cleaning will typically include basic and simple cleanup. This won’t require too many chemicals or substances you might not find in your own home. Typically this will involve doing things that require day to day or frequent attention, but things customers may not have time for.

According to Modern Maids Dallas It is important to clean these common areas frequently to prevent dust from collecting and eventually making a home harder to clean. The basic cleanup needed are:

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Trash and recycle bins
  • Mirror cleaning

Keeping attentive to the areas of your customer’s home that needs these tasks will give them peace of mind and help them to not have to think about things as they go about their day to day.

2Wet Areas


Wet area cleaning will focus on what is mentioned in the name. It is important to clean and maintain areas where water is frequently used to prevent buildup of dirt and grime, and help stop mold from becoming a problem. These are:

  • Bathroom tubs and Shower areas
  • Toilets

Bath areas that are extra susceptible and may require deep scrubbing as this may not be cleaned as frequently. As with the shower, the toilets should be clean just as frequently.

This is, after all, the unofficial throne of the household, and a good cleaning service will want to ensure their customers feel like royalty.



Kitchen care will be a separate task because it is a place where food is prepped, requiring extra attention to cleanliness. Includes:

  • Floors
  • Countertops
  • Microwave
  • Sinks
  • Appliances

Certain products may vary and might be used specifically for kitchen cleanup, as the chemicals used must be safe where food is involved, and all surfaces and appliances should be wiped down.



Living in a home with a deck or patio, or an apartment with a balcony, these outdoor areas can accumulate dirt more frequently. This will require different care to ensure these areas are cleaned thoroughly and in a way that will hold up against the elements. To hire a professional service, you can check the companies such as Servpro.



Not all services are included in the same house cleaning packages. Different companies in different locations may stipulate different services. Xpress Cleaning uses a variety of different methods, chemicals and equipment during their home cleaning process. Contact them now!

The cleaning experts at understand the importance of giving clients all the options they might ask for. Keep in mind all the cleaning options that come in a basic package, and what might be needed by the client that can be included as add-ons.

1. Windows

It is important to keep your windows clean and maintained as any dirt buildup is easy to see and can be quite embarrassing when you have guests over. Once or twice a month should be sufficient to keep eyes looking out and not at your windows.

2. Cabinet Interiors

A good extra option to have to give your clients is having to clean inside cabinets. Buildup of dust can occur in areas that are not often accessed or ignored. You can ensure your customers they won’t be finding any dust bunnies in the pantries of their kitchens, or the cabinets of their bathroom. So all they’ll have to worry about is their midnight snacks.

3. Refrigerator

Refrigerators can be daunting cleaning tasks, as food can be a major culprit in the spread of germs and bacteria. You never know if something has gone bad or expired until it’s too late and by then the bacteria may have spread.

Ensure to your client that their health is a primary concern and offer them the option of a deep-cleaned fridge. It is important to get every nook and cranny so that the only thing hiding in the corners of the fridge is the snacks your clients don’t want their families to find.

4. Oven Cleaning

Like other large appliances like the fridge, the oven needs extra care when it comes to cleaning in your clients kitchen area. A deep clean of the oven is required frequently, as this appliance is being used to cook food and an unmaintained oven can have problems performing optimally.

This can result in smoke buildup, and become a fire risk if there is food residue that is susceptible to burning. Because the oven is used for cooking food, it requires extra attention to ensure that it is cleaned carefully and safely. It can be quite messy with potential food buildup. Keep the customers’ minds at ease and ensure the only thing baking in their oven is some delicious treats.

5. Housekeeping

Now if your clients don’t have a lot of time on their hands, they may require extra housekeeping services. This may include, but not be limited to doing laundry, folding clothes, washing dishes.

These are time-consuming tasks that although do not require as much rigorous cleaning, can be tedious; and because time is so valuable, these extras should not be taken for granted and should be recognized as such.

6. Doors and Shower Doors

The doors might require different care and are not necessarily areas that come to might that require cleaning, but door and frame detailing should not be overlooked as dust can and will build up anywhere.

These hard to reach places should be kept in mind as they won’t always be cleaned as frequently.


Shower doors are extra susceptible to grime as they are always exposed to moisture and dirt. Keep your clients’ thoughts clear as the glass in their shower doors.

These are just some of guidelines and services that professional cleaners might have. Others might have more or less, or have different options when it comes to the basic cleaning services and what might be extra.

It is important for cleaners to communicate clearly to clients and vice versa for a mutually positive and spotless experience.