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Europe is one of the best tourist destinations this November. Even if many cities in Europe are becoming cold this November, that doesn’t limit what you will see when you visit Europe. If you are having a holiday this November and you are looking for the best places you can visit in Europe then in this article, I will inform you about five of the best.

One thing about Europe, there are many places, and all of them are fascinating, but I will have to scale down to only five of the best destinations this November.


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Associated with sandy and sunny beaches, Portugal is one of the best places you can visit this November. There are many cities that have fascinating things you can enjoy when you go to Portugal. Currently, it is rising to become the best tourist destination of choice for most people around the world.

The weather in Portugal during this month is not that friendly as it prepares for the winter season. That should not scare you away. The weather during the day time is usually warm, which makes it good to walk around. However, in the morning and evening, the weather is generally chilly.

With that, you will experience the best time as there are few tourists during this time. Furthermore, you will enjoy satisfying Portuguese meals and drinks. You can also play golf at the best courses in Europe. According to, Portugal is one of the best countries where you can enjoy this sport all year round.

So, if you want to enjoy your November holiday, ensure you visit Portugal. You will see many things.


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Looking forward to traveling to Europe this November? Then you must go to Italy. It is one of the best countries you can visit. The chilly and rainy weather should not deter you from seeing the sceneries such as museums in Italy.

The best thing about visiting Italy is that you will not meet many tourists. You will have ample time to see and learn new things about Italy; therefore, if you will be visiting Italy for the first time.

You need to go to cities like Venice, Florence, Naples, and Rome. They are the best places, and you will learn a lot. Many know Naples for the wrong reasons, whoever that is changing. Currently, the city is turning to become one of the best tourist destinations in Italy. In Florence, you will get to feast on the best Italian dishes.

So, as you plan on visiting Europe, ensure that Italy is one of the places you visit.


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Many tourists love France because of the beautiful cities, museums, culture, food, and drinks. However, most of them don’t visit France during the autumn season. Some perceive that it is usually very cold during November in France. Yeah, they might be thinking in the right way, but as for me, this is the best time you can spend in France. With a small number of tourists, you will enjoy to see the exciting sceneries like the Eiffel Tower, French meals and drinks, and learn of the French culture with ease.


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Known as an indoor country England is one of the countries you can visit this November. I understand that it is a bit rainy and cold, but that doesn’t halt your plans to see the best things England has for you. Being an indoor country, you can travel to any place you want, especially the capital of London and see golden age buildings without the weather affecting you.


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If you want to have the time of your life, ensure you visit Greece. With golden age monuments and museums when you visit Greece, you will have an excellent time. You will also get to know about their culture and meals. So, why not set a date to travel to Greece as you prepare to visit Europe this November?


Europe has the most beautiful tourist destination. The above are some of them. However, if you wish to spend your time in Europe this November to satisfaction, ensure you visit the five above destinations.