Magnificent Europe. Put it in any way you like, but to visit some new European nation is always both thrilling and culturally explosive. And if those two aspects are already in play, then Europe’s got your back for the perfect bachelor party where you can enjoy in places that vibrate from history. Today I will be talking about the two mysterious cities in Eastern Europe. Both of these cities have grown so much in bachelor party tourism recently.

I will also bluntly say that I think it’s a pure shame how some cities are still very unknown to the majority of people outside of Europe. A visit to these cities is both accommodating and full of cultural shocks. One thing that I have to point out before the listing is about hospitality that reaches a new level in these lands.

These are generally the people who suffered much throughout history, and they built up a certain kind of spirit that can be witnessed both during the party and everyday life. Many partygoers run by the motto “Live as it’s your last day on Earth” and my God that is so true.

Bucharest, Romania

If Bucharest, as one of the most interesting cities in Europe for the best bachelor weekends didn’t surprise you, then you should move on to Belgrade right away. But, if it’s something that raised your eyebrows even little, then hear me out why Bucharest is arguably the best European capital for a Bachelor euphoria. To see the upcoming events and places to visit, check BucharestBachelors.

After a communist dictatorship that closed the land for foreigners, the country opened its gates some 30 years ago and what flourished for that time can be witnessed everywhere. I had no pleasure of visiting other Romanian cities, but Bucharest is growing to become one of those metropolitan cities of Europe.

Bucharest hosts all the activities that you would find elsewhere. Namely all other famous European capitals. But arguably the handiest element of Romanian capital is that prices are generally lower for 30-40% then what you would find in Berlin, Madrid or even Prague. So imagine all the possibilities of Berlin but with a discount of 40%? Not a bad deal I should say.

Partying and nightlife in Bucharest is one of a kind. The city has several clubs that are internationally recognized, but the core of the fun lies in smaller places. Dozens of pubs and bars are everywhere that is both unique in the offer of drinks but also entertainment.

My recommendation is that you roam around Lipiscani (The Old Town) if you are in search of the real Romanian party feeling. Most clubs do not require reservations but know that if you want to get into fancier places, you will have to call at least a couple of days prior. They usually close their doors around 3-5 AM, but you will be able to easily find places that play throughout the whole night regardless of your taste.

And about those women that you probably already heard something. Yes, it’s true, they are that much beautiful and easygoing. They also show increased interest in those arriving from far away, so don’t worry about finding a partner for a “dance” that night.

Overall speaking, this is a very safe and well-connected city. Taxi charge half rates as they would in the western part of the EU and prices in most of the restaurants are more than reasonable. Just make sure that you visit Herăstrău park that has a lake with the same name in the middle once that hangover strikes in the morning.

You will get instantly reincarnated by the sounds of nature and beautiful aura that this city can create at any moment.

Belgrade, Serbia

Man, those crazy Serbs. And of course, I am not saying that with any concealed hostile intentions. These people know how to throw the feeling of euphoria on the next level. Once I arrived at Belgrade for the first time they taught me that there is one Serbian word “Merak” which translates to a specific kind of satisfaction achieved during the party. They say in Serbia that you don’t drink to get drunk, but because you feel Meraklike. You will instantly understand what I am saying as you start strolling around the famous bohemian quarter of Skadarlija.

Everywhere around this part of the old town, you will find recognizable cafes and restaurants vibrating from traditional folk music that makes you burst into a wild dance. However, it’s not just this part of the city that has entertainment offers. Belgrade topped many of the best European cities for nightlife lists in recent times while especially getting credited for all the clubs along the Danube quay. I’m talking about floating clubs that are placed on rafts and blast every imaginable kind of music throughout the night.

One of the best things about bouncing between these clubs is that you can find yourself in another one that you might like even more in just a matter of minutes. Entry charge is usually around 5e or less, but here just as it was with Bucharest, the pricing is very affordable for most travelers. That is relatively speaking one of the best reasons why Belgrade was always a great place to arrive from far away and don’t stop the party for two days straight!

Both drinks and food come at very reasonable prices, and I will have to recommend two things that you have to enjoy while you are there. One is a notorious drink Rakija which is a devilish spirit of about 40-70% strength and boy oh boy will you two be friends during your visit. Another one is called “sarmice”, and its minced meat rolled in cabbage but prepared traditionally. It’s a simple, mouthwatering meal that will cure many headaches of hangovers, trust me on that one.

All along the Skadarlija up to the city center and its outskirts, you will find some of the best nightlife that Europe can offer. And let me tell you that Serbian women are going to make you fall on your butt just as you arrive at the airport. Therefore don’t worry about finding the company for the wild weekend.

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Now to get back onto the topic. I had a pleasure to visit these two cities below and arriving for a bachelor party or not; it is still a magnificent trip. The ambient, nightlife, nature, hospitality – all of those making these two cities and the two countries special and one of their kinds.

In Conclusion

Bucharest or the Belgrade? Hmm, why not both? It takes only one and a half hour flight from one capital to another and around 8 hours if you decide to drive or take the bus.

It can be an exciting idea to spend the bachelor adventure in both Bucharest and Belgrade and feel the best bits of each story. Whatever your final choice is, inevitably you will have the best fun of your life surrounded by gorgeous surroundings and even more beautiful women.

Don’t hesitate to explore these two magnificent places that thrive with history. As I said in the beginning, arriving for a bachelor party or not, these two cities are in any case full of interesting sites and activities that will twist your mind.