With the emerging of technology and the knowledge on various kinds of music, drums have evolved to a great part of its previous versions which possesses compelling options in each of its features. Moreover, there are some unique benefits of electronic pads that are never expected from the conventional acoustic drum kits in the past.

Apart from these, there are tons of benefits of using an electronic drum kit that makes them superior to the acoustic ones, but buying a top-class quality from reputed brands or stores like an electronic drum guy can provide the benefits meeting your expectations.


Some quite compelling options like sound control, compatibility, and recording make it a completely new mode of drumming more than that of a mere alternative of the conventional ones.  The most beneficial options in the electronic drum kit which makes it superior to the traditional acoustic ones are

4Wide variety of sounds

Unlike the outdated acoustic drum kits which can produce only one type of sound, modern drum pads have a unique feature to change the surf between various kinds of sounds. Many sounds options such as Studio quality, orchestral, percussion, electrical, techno, acoustic and hip hop, etc can be produced by using a single drum kit. The module which is helpful in syncing various accessories to the drum head can produce hundreds of authentic drum sounds just with a click at your fingertips.

3Volume controlling


Extreme volume levels and excess noise are the challenges faced with the acoustic drum sets which create inconvenience both to the player as well as the people in surrounding while practice.  Some additional accessories like cymbals and percussions create a lot more inconvenient sounds which are almost irresistible. However, with the volume control knob on the electronic kit one can regulate the outcome of the sound to a great extent and usage of headphones is a lot more beneficial.


Midi, a technical standard device that is termed as a sound module that can connect a lot of drum accessories with each other and produces the sound along with all of them. This enhances the recording potential to a great extent by syncing a variety of sounds with the drum pads. Moreover, external devices such as computers, mobiles and many more can be connected with the drum head which increases the end results to a far better level than the expected ones.

1Recording and playback


Recording and playback options are the superior features of the electronic drum pads which were once unimaginable by the drummers. Playback music enhances the whole music level to the highest potential literally adding the sounds of other instruments with the original drum beats. With connecting the drum pad with MP3 or CD player, jamming with other songs can be made possible which increases the skills of the drumming to a whole new level. By using USB devices they can be even connected with mobile and computer from where you can play the downloaded playback music and songs and play along with your own beats.