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Music is a huge part of everyone’s lives. I listen to it when I wake up in the morning while I have breakfast, I always have my earbuds on in the transport and on the street. The Internet is full of great music and great platforms that make listening to music an incredibly pleasurable experience.

You can make your lists and have the platform suggest more good music to you according to what you’ve been listening to in the past. There are also numerous music apps and players created to enhance the experience even more. So, now that we’re in 2019 and we have a plethora of options, how do we know which platforms are the best choices for our needs? Mostly through the basic and crucial process of trial and error. Or you can just take a look at our list.



Spotify defined the modern way of listening to music. Music streaming was introduced to us and we were hooked. It was free, though not ad-free, and since it was launched it introduced numerous new features to make us enjoy the music even more. You can go through the Your Time Capsule list and listen to some hits that you might have loved as a teenager. The exclusives that some other platforms might offer, but it is nevertheless an amazing platform.

Navigation is easy, intuitive, and finding music is really easy.

2Tencent Music Entertainment


Here’s something truly innovative and interesting. TME is the leading music entertainment platform in China. In short, this is a platform for looking for and listening to music, creating and sharing. You can not only listen to music and watch videos but also sing karaoke with your friends. They are well connected with some of the major music labels and offer a completely new experience.

3LiveXLive Powered by Slacker


With well created, fun playlists, intuitive design, high-quality audio, and optional updates, LiveXLive Powered by Slacker is one of the most complete online music streaming services that can truly satisfy your every need.



Thanks to new features and updates, it can finally match some of the leaders in the field of music streaming. You have unlimited skips and replays, and an ad-free experience. You can just tune into a nice radio station which plays your favorite type of music. There are a lot of radio stations on Pandora, so you can easily find something that suits your needs.



This is one of the leaders among music streaming websites. We’ve all heard about it and we all love it. However, it isn’t available for a lot of different countries, but if you’re in the United States, you’re in luck. You can easily connect your social accounts so you can see what you’re friends are listening to and share your music choices.