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Lake Ontario – one of the excellent and top-end lakes in Ontario, it has been considered to be one of the perfect options you would want to explore. Referred to as Lake of Shining Waters, Lake Ontario is a must-visit destination if you are in Canada.

While Lake Ontario in itself is one of the best tourist destinations ever in Canada, you would find that it offers you access to a wonderful collection of tourist spots that surround it. One of the prime options you would find around would be the wetlands, cliffs, and of course, dunes.

Well, Canada is, in itself, a tourist destination par excellence. We would consider Lake Ontario as the gem of the best options ever when it comes to the high quality and high-end tourist-centric experience.

Lake Ontario is indeed one of the excellent and largest lakes from around the world. Spanning around 7500 square miles, Lake Ontario lies between Canada and the USA.

A few of the best destinations around Lake Ontario can best be picked would include

Be one with Nature

Well, the area around Lake Ontario may not be the perfect one if you are looking for some overwhelming traveling experience. However, if you are someone who loves nature and adventurous in your attitude, the regions around Lake Ontario should be one of the prime options you would want to explore.

The wetlands, cliffs and sand dunes are a few great options you would find quite impressive in its own right. The excellent and extensive biodiversity offered by the region would definitely make it a great choice ever. The natural biodiversity at the location should ideally be something you would really find genuinely extraordinary.

Tommy Thompson Park

One of the excellent tourist destinations across Lake Ontario would include the Tommy Thompson Park. In essence, you would find that it provides you access to incredible sightseeing options. In essence, the park is one of the great choices for bird watching.

In fact, Tommy Thompson Park has always been something that does not go amiss from the people visiting Toronto. Spread over a land area of around 500 hectares. It does provide you access to a whole lot of natural beauty in the form of flowers, plants, wildflowers, cobble beaches, and sand dunes. It has also been estimated that the park is home to more than 315 different species of birds. That should ideally explain why the park was adjudged Globally Significant Important Bird Area by BirdLife International in 2000.

Casa Loma

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The Casa Loma is both a landmark and a museum in Toronto. To begin with, you would definitely fall in love with the style and structure of the design. It is a wonderful option for grandeur. You would ideally find it an excellent option for a charming tourist place.

The museum (or rather the structure) was built between 1911 and 1914. The ninety-eight toom structure provides you access to a wide range of guided tours. The location is also home to a huge number of television and movie shoots. It has also been a good option for special occasions such as weddings and other rites. In fact, it can also be rented for an evening for any special events. In fact, there is no limit to the kind of fun and enjoyment you can opt for. Casa Loma provides you access to a truly wonderful experience in every aspect.

Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the largest museums in Canada, and that is precisely what would make it one of the prime options you would find rather impressive. Unveiled in 1914, the museum provides you access to more than 6 million different varieties of artwork. The museum is segregated between two different galleries viz the Natural History and the World Culture Galleries.

A few of the interesting elements you can find at the museum would include the Chinese Place of worship monuments, Gallery of Korean Art and costumes and textile collections. The museum also hosts special sections for the kids as well. These kids’ sections would include Egyptian mummies, dinosaur rooms, and Jamaican bat-cave imitations. You would also find a huge list of options in the form of fossils that range to 150,000 samples.

Allan Gardens

The Allen Gardens Conservatory has been one of the prime destinations and offers you access to an area of more than 16,000 square feet and six interconnected greenhouses. You can witness a huge number of species of flora and fauna from around the globe.

The prominent among the huge number of options in the region are cacti, orchids, succulents, pines to tropical plants. There are a few special educational programs held for the kids during some specific seasons. You would also find ponds full of turtles, and colorful fish. Best suited to be visited solo, or in groups, this is one of the great options ever around Lake Ontario.

How to Get around these attractions?

Well, Limo services and party bus services can be one of the great options regions in and around Lake Ontario. You can have access to a highly customized service in moving around Lake Ontario the way you would want to.

Services such as are known to provide you access to a wonderful traveling experience just the way you want it. No matter whether you are checking out the options of visiting those areas for wedding parties or any other specific requirements, party buses can be one of the great options you should be able to hire.

Well, that was how you could witness a few of the excellent tourist opportunities in and around Lake Ontario. You will definitely find the area around Lake Ontario offers you an exciting experience in almost every aspect. Get access to a wonderful traveling experience par excellence.