Colombia is a South American state that has endless things to love about it. Each time you visit this country you’ll find more and more things to do. Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota are the most famous destinations in Colombia, but this country has much more to offer you.

High energy nightlife, fantastic food, mountain peaks, Caribbean and Pacific coastlines, amazing cuisine, and friendliest people, Colombia has it all. If you want to visit Colombia, you may be concerned about the important facts you should know about it.

9Colombia is Safer than You Think:

You may have heard something about the crime rate of Colombia; still, it is safe for tourists. Heavy police can be seen in the cities. However, you should stay vigilant and keep an eye on your belongings when you are visiting an unfamiliar destination in the country.

Avoid going out alone late at night, and it’s better to stay in well-populated areas. Don’t put your wallet or phone in a pocket where it is easy to pickpocket and avoid wearing valuable and flashy accessories. Although the country is generally safe, it’s crucial to stay cautious no matter where you go.

8It has one of the Best Cuisine in America:


With a tremendous amount of flora and fauna available in Colombia, you will see them in a wide variety of dishes that are special to this country. Ingredients and preparation of Colombian cuisine vary by region.

You will also taste native fusion blended with African and Spanish influences. You will have a wide variety of dishes to choose from whenever you feel hungry. Don’t hesitate to try street food. Give yourself some joyful and delicious treats as you wander in the Colombian streets.

7The country has Easy Means of Transportation:

Buses are the most affordable and most accessible way to get around the country. That is because they are cheap, comfortable, safe, and frequent. The overnight buses are equipped with all the necessary facilities you can think of on a bus.

You will be provided with blankets, headphones, water, lavatory, foam headrest, and reclining seats. Also, your luggage is completely safe on the bus. Uber is relatively cheaper and convenient than a taxi for traveling within cities. Also, whenever you take a taxi, negotiate the fare.

6The Country Relies on Cash:


Cash is the king in Colombia. The country is mostly based on cash. So, you have to have more cash at hand than you would typically keep. Western Union is one of the easy ways to send money to Colombia.

Many vendors in Colombia do not accept credit or debit cards there. They want you to pay in cash. ATMs are available, and they are rarely out of cash or non-functional. But in a small town, ATMs can be particularly limited. So, it good to withdraw more money at an ATM than you expect you would need.

5Remember to Check the Weather Forecast While You Pack:

The kind of clothes you would need may vary depending on your destination. If you have a plan to roam around the country frequently, you might need both winter and summer clothes.

Thus, you must check the weather forecast for the places that you plan to visit in Colombia. Keep in mind that the climate of the country is incredibly diverse. Checking the weather forecast can help you pack the right clothes you would need when visiting various destinations around the country.

4Music is Everywhere:


It appears that Colombians do not enjoy quiet time. That is because they are loud. As soon as you spend some time in Colombia, you’ll feel that music is everywhere. It is full of salsa, rumba, and music.

You’ll see people singing and dancing regardless of the time, reason, and number of people around. There is always a reason to show your dance moves as you travel through Colombia. Taxi drivers and buses in Colombia make you feel like you live in the center of the Caribbean.

3It is Incredibly Diverse:

You can visit incredibly diverse destinations in this single country, even if you are on a short trip. For instance, you can visit Caribbean desserts, beaches, mountains, jungles, and megacities.

You can visit Cartagena having summery weather all year round; Tatacoa Desert with red soil; Ipiales, a cool place located high up in the mountains; and Salento with its palm trees. You have so much to see in Colombia as it is the fourth largest state of the content distributed into five distinct regions.

You can possibly see and do everything there in a single visit. Medellin, Cali, Bogota, and Cartagena all have international airports. Also, local flights within Colombia are inexpensive and frequent.

2The Climate is Unpredictable:


Colombia is mostly warm, but the climate is still unpredictable, and you shouldn’t leave your sweater and gloves at home. You may experience all four seasons while traveling from north to south in Colombia.

South of the country has mildly warm weather in the day that becomes chilly at night. Medellin is majorly having spring weather. Expect humid nights and sweltering days along the northern coast. This climatic disparity is a good reason why you should visit different cities in Colombia.

1Enjoy the Beauty of Colombia:

The beauty of Colombia is not limited to its big cities at all. It would be best if you visited small villages to see a purer form of nature’s beauty. Tames is one of the prettiest villages in Colombia. Colombia has something for everyone. It has much more to offer from its incredibly diverse culture and landscapes to historical cities and cute little towns.

Enjoy the beauty of gorgeous beaches, alpine lakes, endless plains, snow-capped volcanoes, lush jungle, rocky deserts, and cocoa and coffee plantations. No matter how much time you spend in Colombia, you’ll end up falling in love with this magical country. Your trip to Colombia will leave an everlasting effect on your mind. It will excite, surprise, and enamor you.