You probably have tried singing while wearing a headphone, or in the shower, which made you consider a musical career even though deep down you know that you can never hit the right notes.

We have all been there. Karaoke is fun because, for most people, the feeling of being in the shoes of their favorite artists when they sing along with instrumentals. It is fun, and it could be scary when you have the microphone, and you suddenly realize that you don`t sound like Adele at all. It dis not necessary that you spick your favorite song. It is just more comfortable if you sing a song that is easy to sing. Some are just easier to perform during karaoke.

Arianna Grande is one of those artists that make those beautiful songs. The type of music that sticks with you and you want to sing them all the time. Luckily for people who love her music, she has lots of songs. Grande’s songs are characterized by clear lyrics, good vocals and melodious instrumentals, which makes them perfect for karaoke. In no particular order, here are some of her best pieces and their background.

10Break Free

Ariana Grande did not go solo on this song. She collaborated with Zedd, a German producer. Break Free is ideal for karaoke because it is easy to ears; the song takes you on a journey, and you can feel the melody cruising through you as you sing, which is the point of karaoke.

9Better Left Unsaid

This one is a song off Grande’s album Yours Truly. It was released in 2013 and it is pure pop. You can already tell why it is a good song for karaoke. You can put it on replay, rehearse the lyrics and be ready for karaoke night.

8Baby I

That is another song from her Yours Truly album with a lot of nominations. The song is three minutes and seventeen seconds long, which is great for karaoke. Grande’s voice captures the attention of listeners, and if you sing it right, you might get standing ovations.

7The way

A little rap will not hurt you. Grande’s collaboration with rapper Mac Miller gives you the chance to amuse yourself and others that want to give it a try. It is a love song from her debut album and has easy lyrics and rhythm. Pick this one for karaoke, and you`ll make people smile.

6One Last Time

One Last Time is on Grande’s second studio album. A lot of people enjoyed it, and it was easy to sing. One Last Time should be on your list. It has a beautiful tune and melody.

5Almost is Never Enough

This duet will be something you`ll remember. You`ll make people sway as you sing. A soundtrack to a motion picture, this song went viral, so there are chances that the crowd would sing along with you.

4Tattooed heart

How large are your lungs? It would help if you were confident in your abilities as a musician to go with this song. Grande smashed this one – it touches the soul, and you want to have those hands clapping when you sing it. It is the type of song you pick when you are aiming to impress or surprise yourself.

3Why Try

Well, everyone will sing with you or probably scream with you as you enjoy yourself on the stage. This song is happy, and it will leave you gasping for air. Why Try is a 2014 song off Grande’s album My Everything. This song is a type of song that could move the crowd and make a night more fun.

2Side to Side

Nicki Minaj featured in this song. It is easy to sing, and a lot of people will recognize the instrumentals and nod their heads to your karaoke performance.

1Thank you, next

This is the type of song that makes you feel a certain kind of way. Feel free to sing to this great song. It is on the Grande’s album with the same name. It has relatable lyrics that are easy to memorize and an infectious rhythm. So give it a try and when you are done – Thank u, next.

You do not have to sing like the original artist. The key is to remember the lyrics of the song and the rhythm at least. Arianna Grande makes feel-good songs. While her songs are enjoyable, there are other artists you can try out as well to see if they match to your karaoke singing style.

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