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Wedding songs are integral in all wedding preparations; therefore, the bride and groom must select the right songs to make the moment memorable in their entire lives. Choosing the right song can, however, be tricky considering the numerous wedding songs; thus, you might be spoilt for choice. Your wedding needs to be enjoyable and memorable and based on the type of wedding, whether contemporary or traditional, the songs need to reflect the ambiance of the wedding.

Reasons Why The Right Songs Make A Wedding Special

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The wedding songs create the mood and tone for the reception and ceremony and express the couple’s perception about the religious, financial, social, and political background of the marriage. Besides, the songs played reveal important information about the couple’s personality, their cultural, spiritual education, and their taste in music. Wedding songs generally have a huge significance in the couple’s lives, given that they reflect on the principles and values held by the bride and groom.

Choosing The Appropriate Songs

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You probably want a traditional setting, and you are spoilt for the choice of music to play. Well, consider playing some slow-moving ancient songs that would remain in your mind in eternity. It’s never a fast or hard rule when selecting traditional songs, although you can play contemporary love songs too. Numerous conventional songs will make that wedding ceremony lively.

Your Wedding Song Playlist

1. Live Performance

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Consider hiring a pianist who plays a slow tempo, creating an excellent feeling at the start of the ceremony. You also need to consider hiring an orchestra that plays the saxophone, cello, and violin. The best option would be to hire a live band who sings your preferred wedding songs during the entire ceremony. According to, who are professional wedding music band organizers, live bands often deliver a continuous flow of high energy dance music that excites the crowd.  In case you look for a live band, choose one that has studio-quality singers and musicians, flashy mood lighting, choreographed moves, and onstage performance skills.

2. Hire a DJ

Hiring a DJ will be a fun selection given that DJs have a diverse choice of wedding songs, but the unfortunate part is that DJs perform differently. Ensure that you search for the best DJ and choose one, preferably recommended by a close friend. You don’t want the day to be a disaster.

3. Create your own playlist

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Well, hiring a DJ or having a live performance could be costly; therefore, it might be ideal if the both of you forgo the professional performers and create your own playlist consisting of your favorite tunes. Besides, you will have full control of the music played at your wedding.

Wedding songs are personal for the bride and groom, and they need to be memorable. Besides, the first dance between the bride and groom is a special one and should be accompanied by a favorite one that the couple fancies and reflects their love story.

How To Choose Wedding Music

Basics of the Wedding Music

You must decide on the number of songs that you need to be played at your wedding. The couple’s profession can be the song that the bride uses as she walks down the aisle, but you can decide on a different one together with your partner.

1. The wedding venue

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In case you have that wedding at a worship center, you need to check with the officials and inquire whether there are music restrictions. Conservative places are rigid and will probably offer you a list of religious songs that you must use. Other sites might have a soft stance and allow instrumentals provided that no words are uttered. Ensure you research the rules offered by the venue.

2. Go through the Lyrics

It might seem obvious, but it’s always essential that the bride and groom go through the lyrics before playing the songs for the wedding day. You don’t want to be disappointed on that memorable day, therefore, in case you have a performing band, ensure that your request for the lyrics and critically analyze it together. Consider the song Every breath you take by the police; well, you probably fancy the song, but you have no idea that it is about obsession, jealousy, and a lost lover. I guess that you wouldn’t want to kick off your marriage with that message.

3. Couples History

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There is probably a song, genre of music, or artist that both of you enjoy. When selecting songs for the wedding ceremony, think of a memorable moment that both of you shared and incorporate it into the playlist.

4. Select a theme

To create more cohesion, select a theme that ties both processional songs. They could have a similar tempo, similar genre, or could be from the same era. The idea will result in a better flow between songs.

5. Have surprises

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To make that wedding personal, the bride and groom need to select the processional songs in private and keep it a secret until they walk down the aisle. Pick one that portrays how you feel about your spouse or one that bears a special memory.

6. The feelings you intend to create

Well, the main impression that most couples yearn for, is love, but all couples are not like-minded. You might want to create an upbeat feeling, one that’s calm and subdued, or you prefer to surprise your guests with a rap song that everyone can dance to. Feel free to select any unexpected genre, particularly an acoustic version that nods to your favorite tune that you will use as you walk down the aisle.

Generally, a wedding happens once in a lifetime and should be memorable. Creating the right mood is key to an impressive wedding ceremony, and you can achieve that by playing the right music on occasion. Wedding songs should capture the couple’s emotional feelings towards each other as they embark on the life of marriage. Play songs that stir love memories, and have great significance in your love journey, consider the songs to be the soundtrack to your vows.