How to organize an inexpensive wedding? The celebration associated with the wedding is traditionally celebrated luxuriously. However, some couples prefer to save on the holiday.

This may be due to the fact that the funds that they could spend on the celebration, the newlyweds want to postpone a trip during the honeymoon. Some simply can’t afford a big-budget holiday. But even at a small cost, the wedding can be celebrated beautifully.

1. Set a Wedding Budget

To start with, you have to set a wedding budget. Operating with approximate amounts is like going on a free voyage.

The current may eventually bring the budget of a young family to debt. Determine the real amount that you can afford, and based on it, make a plan and estimate of the event.

2. Determine a Place Where the Celebration Will Be Held


First of all, you have to determine the place where the celebration will be held. You may choose a restaurant or celebration in your own or rented country house. This can be cheaper and much more exciting.

Both in winter and in summer, you can have a good time in the fresh air at the country house, arranging contests, and relaxing on the outdoor poufs. You have to choose an appropriate variant in advance, especially if you plan to proceed with it in the summer.

You can rent outdoor games and outdoor furniture. Choosing outdoor furniture is essential as you will spend all your time outdoors, so it has to be comfortable and beautiful as well to create a luxurious picture. If you need any type of outdoor furniture for your holiday please visit

3. Seasonality and Cheap Dates

While planning, remember about seasonality and cheap dates. Ideally, preparations for the wedding should begin six months in advance, especially when it comes to the busiest summer season.

Then you will have time to study different offers and compare them. If you are late, you will have to choose from what is still free, and pay more for it. Keep this in mind when choosing a date.

The cost from season to season, if you consider one calendar year, does not actually change, but there is a high probability of receiving discounts and additional services on a bonus basis if the season is low. The lower the season, the higher the competition, the more willing contractors and sites are to offer discounts.

The cost of a wedding is also influenced not so much by seasonality as by the popularity of the date and day of the week itself. The day of the week affects the cost directly. The most expensive days are Friday and Saturday, on Sunday — a little cheaper.

4. The Number of Guests


The number of guests reduces certain costs: for example, the cost of a banquet and cake, transportation costs, and other budget items, which with a small number of guests simply become irrelevant.

At the same time, if there is a need for savings, then the difference between 10 and 100 invited guests is enormous, and if the newlyweds want to celebrate this day only with their closest ones, but make the day unforgettable, then turning around with activities and decor, you can spend only 2-3 times less than 100 people”. Perhaps it is better to reduce the number of guests but to afford a luxurious honeymoon.

5. Wedding Dress and Suit for the Groom

Wedding dress and suit for the groom. The easiest way to save on the bride’s dress is to rent it. As an option, it is worth considering a dress, not from the wedding category, but, say, to buy a prom dress.

Ordering on AliExpress is not an option for the faint of heart, it will be cheaper, but no one guarantees the result. Such an extreme measure of an economy can be resorted to only with a simple style of dress with real photos from other customers.

With a small budget, tailoring in an atelier that does not specialize in wedding dresses is ideal. Today it is not difficult to find workshops where for reasonable money you can become the owner of a very touching and tender image, besides also exclusive.

The easiest way to save money is on the matter of wedding clothes for the groom. Any classic suit will suit him, especially if it’s a stylized wedding. In this case, a shirt, a bow tie, and suspenders are often used. All this can be easily borrowed from friends.

6. Rings


Rings. You need to choose rings at the request of the bride and groom. In advance, it is worth looking at the options of rings on the websites of jewelry stores or in catalogs, as well as deciding on the budget for the purchase.

There are rings: smooth (classic), with edges and designer (unusual shapes), made of gold, silver, platinum, and other metals, or with precious stones (diamond, emerald, ruby, etc.).

Rings can be bought at a branded jewelry store or ordered from a jeweler. The jeweler’s price will be at least 10% higher than when buying in a store. Rings should not be bought by hand, in pawn shops or thrift stores. Also, you should not buy products with a big discount, for example, 50% or 80% — they were most likely overpriced.


Before buying rings, be sure to try them on at room temperature. Remember that they are not refundable or exchangeable. After the purchase or after the wedding, you can make an engraving on the ring.

7. Photos and Videos

A photographer and videographer can spend 15-20% of the budget. Therefore, it is obvious that for the sake of the economy, the couple should consider reducing the hours of work of the photographer. For example, to use his services only for the ceremonial part. Or hire one photographer for two hours in the morning of the bride, then let him go and hire another by the banquet.

8. Wedding Host

Here experts advise to be more careful and not to save much, after all, the tone of the celebration and the mood of the guests will depend on the charisma and experience of the wedding host.

The market offers a huge number of leading ones, you just need to reconsider and meet with a large number of them and choose the one who best matches the price and quality.


9. Make-up Artist and Hairdresser

In any case, in order to save money, it is impossible to refuse to rehearse the image (a procedure when a stylist and a hairdresser arrive sometime before the wedding and do a trial makeup and styling).

But you can save money on the makeup artist or stylist itself, which is quite banal — you can find among the countless offers that are cheaper. However, the main thing here is not to overdo it, their portfolio will help in this.

We have described above the most basic points that you need to pay attention to when planning and be extremely careful with savings. Of course, there are other aspects, such as transportation of guests, invitations, and wedding cake. If the celebration takes place within the city, guests may well get to the place of celebration on their own.

It is quite possible to save money on invitations, and the cake and catering service can be chosen among not young companies that have not yet set huge price tags. In this case, however, it is impossible to do without a preliminary test order.

In general, even a very inexpensive wedding can be the best day in the life of the newlyweds. After all, the main thing is not the amount of money invested, but the quality of the entertainment program, the friendly atmosphere and the originality of the celebration.