Some people are the group’s party organizers; they just love to throw parties, and if you are one of them, you simply cannot resist the urge to organize a party, whatever might be the occasion. A house party is the cheapest and the most convenient party that one can organize.

Parties can be organized for several occasions, be it birthdays, housewarmings, baby showers, retirement parties, parties for someone who got a recent promotion, and the list goes on.

These days some things have become synonymous with a good house party. They include lovely cakes, great music, sumptuous food, and, of course, those bright, dazzling, and glowing neon lights. If one is looking forward to adding a dash of bright color to their party, they can visit echoneon for some awesome custom-made Neon lights.

Parties can be themed or non-themed; the music, lights, food, decor, etc., will change according to the party’s theme if one decides to throw a themed party. Nonetheless, these are some general guidelines that will help one throw an amazing party at their place.

6 Things You Should Remember To Throw An Awesome House Party


1. Organizing A Sumptuous Delight

The menu is one of the key delights of a get-together. However, you have to take care of a few things before finalizing the menu. First, if your guests include people who prefer vegetarian or vegan diets, have separate food items for them.

Second, make a note of things that the guests might be allergic to; for instance, some are allergic to shrimps, and others might prefer a gluten-free diet. Once these things have been settled, then you can go on to plan the exact items that will feature in your menu.

Have at least three starters, ideally include some fries since people love fries also, keep something savory for those who love spice, and the third item can be something blander for those who steer away from eating spicy stuff.

For the main course, there can be two types of cuisines. Usually, Chinese food is loved by all, and the other cuisine can be Continental, but it should be something that most of the guests would like to eat. For the dessert, you can have a small ice-cream counter, or the party cake itself can be sliced and served as dessert.

2. Getting Hold Of A Delicious Cake

Whatever the occasion might be for the party, a cake is an absolute must. You can get creative with the cakes; depending on the budget and the number of guests, it can be a two or even three-tiered cake.

If it is a themed party, the cake should go with the theme; a classic red velvet cake with a decorative dagger on top can be ordered. Likewise, if it is a birthday get-together for young kids, a chocolate-flavored cake is usually a favorite.


3. Getting Glowing Lights To Setup The Mood

Lights are essential to set up the right mood for the party. If you want to recreate a retro look, you can get accessories like disco lights. Likewise, if you want to create a spooky ambiance, you can go for neon lights. Neon-LED lights are energy-saving and highly durable; hence they can be bent into any design to create cool illustrations or to write party messages.

Also, if the theme is neon based, your guests can accessorize by painting their faces with neon colors or they can even tie up strings of neon light on their wrists and necks and sport them as neon jewelry; this is because new-age neon lights are shockproof and can be safely tied around body parts.

4. Setting Up A Bar Counter

Your friends and office colleagues would want a bar at the party venue. So it is a good idea to arrange for a makeshift bar if you already do not have a bar counter at home. Also, some people are very particular about their drinks. So make sure to have plenty of good-quality rums, whiskeys, and scotch.

Also, the cocktails that are served should go with the overall theme of the party. For instance, if the theme is horror, then serving glasses of Bloody Mary might be a good idea. Likewise, if the party is held during the summer months, make sure to have lime-rich mojitos and margaritas and that too with umbrella-shaped straws.

5. Have A Game Counter For An Extra Quotient Of Entertainment


A game counter is a must if it is a party for the kids as it makes them happy and also keeps them engaged during the entire duration of the party. For a birthday bash, there could be games like a musical chair or passing the parcel. If the kids are slightly grown-up, there could also be a game of house.

If the party is for adults, then there could be games like truth or dare where you can give weird dares to perform or ask interesting questions to your guests. Another popular game Never has I ever, where a person takes a sip of his drink every time he has indulged in a weird act that is being referred to in the game.

6. Arranging For Great Music

Organizing the right kind of music and good quality of music is key to a good party. You can also organize a karaoke night for your guests. For this, you will require a screen that you can attach to your laptop to flash the lyrics of the songs to be sung, and along with that, you will need some microphones.

Alternatively, one can hire a good disco jockey for the night. A disc jockey will take care of the songs, from the latest chartbusters to some classic all-time favorite numbers. A disc jockey will also carry a mixer that can easily mix bits and pieces of different songs to make the party more enjoyable.


Having a good party at one’s place can be a tiring and exhausting experience. However, if a proper schedule, a checklist, and contact lists of the right persons like caterers, light suppliers, etc., are handy, great parties can be organized that will be remembered by all.