The baby’s on the way, it’s all getting closer and you are not quite sure what it takes to get a little creature into the world and give him or her a warm welcome to it?

Yes, we know – everyone is just pouring pieces of advice all over you and it all seems to be too much. Of course, good advice is always welcome, but how do you know which one is the right one?

You are probably already thinking way too much about preparing various stuff for your baby – you may have a ready room and big things, but some little things can be easily forgotten. And when your baby arrives, you won’t have time to run around the shops and search for all those crucial things – they should be safe and sound in your home, waiting to embrace a new member.

That’s why you should take a glimpse on this list of basic things to pay attention to, whether you already have children or you’re about to give birth for the first time.

5Soft, fluffy baby clothes


If you have given birth before, then you probably have a safe place where you keep the clothes that your first baby wore. You can start picking these things up, washing them and stacking them.

On the other hand, if this is your first child – just go shopping. One thing is for sure – it’s rather significant that the clothes are already prepared when the baby is there so that you don’t have to shop besides all the activities you need to perform with a little one in your daily routine.

Also, don’t forget to prepare the next two sizes. This is a thing that is often overlooked as parents don’t really seem to realize that their children grow and progress in the speed of light. Therefore, it’s best to prepare the following two sizes of clothing in advance – whether you are shopping or just preparing already worn clothes.

4Baby crib essentials


If you have enough space in the nursery, buy a crib of a slightly larger size so the baby can sleep in it until the second or third year of life. Most of these cribs have a two-level mattress placement system, one that is shallower – for newborn babies – and a deeper one, for older babies and toddlers who are starting to roll in bed.

The crib must be stable and sturdy (be sure to ask for the crib to be certified), and the distance between the rails on the baby bed fence shouldn’t be too large – not more than five and a half or six centimeters.

Here’s the deal: don’t skimp on the mattress. Buy a better quality one so that your baby sleeps on a comfortable bed that is also healthy for her spine and entire body. It will be the place where your youngster will spend the most time, so it’s quite advisable to choose wisely.

3A comfy baby bathtub


Bathing a baby also requires some special elements. Besides the fact that your little one needs a clean, safe place in his or her home to sleep and eat, it’s highly essential to provide your baby with the appropriate space and elements for a pleasant bath.

Welcome your baby to a home that has a ready-made baby bathtub – this will, of course, make it easier for parents and it will be much more enjoyable for the baby. For some beautiful ideas, you can check this – we’re sure you’re going to find some super cool options!

2A thorough house cleaning


Many parents feel like they have to completely sterilize the house before the baby arrives, and they often wonder what to do with their pet if they have one. We fully understand your need for perfectionism and “sterilization” of the home – but believe us, it’s neither necessary nor desirable! Of course, the home should be clean, but without overdoing it.

A thorough cleaning is all that is needed to get the home ready for the arrival of the newborn. This means trying just a little more than usual – pull the vacuum cleaner in the places you normally avoid.

Wipe off the dust from shelves, books, and other corners that you rarely pay attention to.

Use a rug duster to beat the carpets and try to do the same with furniture…

…and ventilate regularly to ensure that there is always plenty of fresh air in the house.

Before your baby’s arrival, replace the cloths and towels with the clean and fresh ones, wipe the crib particularly well and put bedding made of natural material that won’t irritate the baby’s delicate skin.

1Chit-chats and meaningful conversations with your partner


It’s very significant to emphasize to your partner how appreciated his help can be during childbirth and the first days of the life of your child. But you also need to have a conversation about the things you should expect from each other when you and your baby leave the maternity ward.

Different expectations can cause major conflicts, so make sure you go beyond the first month of your baby’s life with understanding and a lot of communication and to pay full attention to the child.

Don’t assume that your partner already knows how much effort and time it takes to meet your baby’s needs and how much such a change can turn the world upside down if he’s about to be a dad for the first time. It’s all-new for him as well, so put yourself in his shoes and try to agree on important things and do your best to raise your baby.

If you are also preparing your home for this kind of welcome, we hope this article has helped you and brought you a little closer to what are the basic things a baby should expect in the home, and what will make the arrival of mom and baby special. The list doesn’t stop here, but it certainly contains the pillars of successful preparation for such a lovely moment.

Baby’s arrival home is certainly one of the most important moments in the lives of young parents – therefore, it’s extremely important to welcome the baby to a tidy home, with clothes, toys, furniture, and all the supplies that he or she may need and for a wonderful life within your loving family.