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Planning a family is a decision all couples take, maybe early or late in their married lives, depending upon their circumstances. Having a baby is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world. Things start changing the moment you come to know you are expecting, you and your partner become more responsible and gear up to enjoy the journey of parenthood. Babies are either breastfed or formula-fed for the first six months of their lives. Doctors generally advise starting solids after they turn 6 months old. It is always good to get a diet chart from a child nutritionist to make this whole process of weaning and introducing solids a little easy for you and your baby.

As a mom, the moment your baby is 6 months old, you are all set to begin their food journey by introducing solids. You do your research and speak to fellow moms about their strategies and challenges and also read books about baby-led weaning. You are all set for the d-day and are confident that everything will go as planned, but your baby just doesn’t open their mouth, and this continues for a while.

Does this sound familiar? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Don’t fret mommy, In this blog, I will share five ways to make your baby eat solids, just like the way you want. Have a look!

1. Switch up your baby’s food

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The temperature, amount, and texture of food are a few important factors you need to keep in mind when you are introducing solids to your child. Let your baby try a new food every three days so that she gets comfortable and you also know in case she is allergic to any particular food. If your baby doesn’t eat a particular food at one time, then you can offer it again after a while when your little one feels different. You need to experiment with different food combinations for a while to figure out your little one’s taste buds. I know it sounds tough, but trust me it will be worth the effort when you will see your baby finishing their meals in one go and that too without any tantrums. Nothing makes a mommy happy than a well-fed baby and your baby will also be less cranky if their tummy is full.

2. Let your little one feed themselves

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You can give your child finger foods like puffs or dry cereal, teething biscuits, or soft fruits to begin with, or you can help them to use a spoon but let them be independent when they eat. Babies like it when they have control over the whole process. Initially, when a baby begins to eat by themselves, he/she won’t have a pincer grasp, your little one will use their whole hand, and that’s perfectly ok. One thing you need to keep in mind is never leave your child unattended during their mealtimes because there are is a risk of choking when babies start eating solids.

So, be extremely careful and give undivided attention to your baby during their meal times. Your little one will build their utensils handling skills during this period. Always stick to healthy meal options when you start the food journey of your munchkin; this way, your little one will tread the right path needed for healthy eating. Another great idea is to get a feeding chair for your baby. He/she will associate it with their meal times. You can get one from The Mom Store. They have a great collection of feeding chairs.

3. Eat with your baby

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Yet another way to make your baby eat solids is by eating with her from the same bowl. If your baby is oddly suspicious during their mealtimes, then this strategy will surely work for you. Your baby will happily eat when they see their mom eating the same food. Parents are role models for kids, they learn a lot from them, and mealtimes are something where you can set positive examples for your little one. If your baby sees you relishing and enjoying that steamed broccoli and carrot, there are high chances they would like to taste it, and you never know they might eat it without creating any fuss.

4.  Play game with food

This tactic has been used by many mothers across the globe to feed their babies. You can make the spoon an airplane and constantly move it around your baby so that she picks up the food. It is undoubtedly an effective way to feed your baby solids. The key is to make mealtimes fun for your baby so that they build a positive relationship with food, and trust me, and this will help you a lot in the long run. You should try and make mealtimes so interesting for your baby so that they look forward to eating food. You can try different baby food recipes with colorful vegetables or sing a rhyme while they eat; just do whatever it takes to make mealtimes happy times for your baby.

5. Be patient with your little one

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Babies tend to change all the time. One day they would like porridge, and on another day, they might not even open their mouth for it. As a mom, you just need to be persistent and keep on trying different strategies to make mealtimes less stressful for your baby and also for yourself. Sometimes, babies take time to adapt plus be open to the whole situation. Remember, patience is the key when it comes to feeding solids to your baby. A little effort on your part will greatly help in building healthy eating habits in your child.

I am sure, after reading this blog, you will be able to make your baby eat solids with ease. Each baby is unique, so just give your baby time and make mealtimes happy for your little one.