The Tamil Wedding, or Tamil Nadu, has a long tradition in Indian history that lasts for more than thousands of years. The music is a very important part of the wedding ceremony for Tamil People in India.

Tamil weddings are very intimate and have some strict rules. These songs are also part of those rules, while the wedding doesn`t represent just some fun occasion, it is much more than that. There are many Tamil songs, and in this article, we chose 10 of the best Tamil songs for the wedding ceremony. Check

10Maangalyam Song

The Mappillai Azhaippu is a part of the wedding where the family is welcoming the bridegroom. During this event, the father of the bride is going outside of the village to call in the family of the fiancé. With the father, there is also a band that follows him, and the Mangalyam song is one of the most popular for this part of the wedding ritual.

9Adhaaru Adhaaru

The Adhaaru Adhaaru is usually played during the Reception ceremony which is a part of the wedding where all of the guests are on the dancing floor enjoying the music together and celebrating the inauguration of the new family.

8Naalam Naalam

There are many parts of India that are celebrating the wedding in Cristian way, but they are still playing their traditional music. One of the most popular songs at this modern Tamil wedding is Naalam Naalam.

7Manamagale Marumagale Saradha

This song is played during the Nalangu and Mehndi event which represents the cleansing ceremony one day before the wedding. This song, just like the other for this occasion are celebrating happiness. Other similar songs for this part of the wedding ceremony are Agaya Pandalile, Indru Pola Endrum Vazhda, and Kalyana Asai.

6Selfie Pulla

The Selfie Pulla is another popular song for the Reception event. This part of the wedding requires the best music, here are all of the members together dancing. Also, this part of the wedding is less formal than the other ones, and here people can finally rest and just enjoy it.

5Poomudippal Intha

As we already have mentioned, the groom`s entry is a very important part of the wedding, which requires respecting strict rules in tradition, which also relates to music. The Poomudippal Intha song is one of the traditional Tamil songs that we could hear at most of the weddings.

4Nooru Varusham

Besides the Mangalyam song and the Poomudippal Intha song, this one is also very important during the ceremony of introduction to the groom`s family that gets into the village from the nearest Ganesh temple.

3Ye Manpuru

There are some songs that are harder to dance with, instead, you will have to practice your performance to dance to them. The Ye Manpuru is one of those songs, and a couple that is getting married is dancing to this song which has a playful melody and represents happiness.

2Idhu Dhaana

There are some songs that are later being added to videos to make a perfect background. And many people are asking Idhu Dhaana along with some other popular ones, such as Idicha Pacharasi or Athan Varuvaga, which can make the video more interesting and goes perfectly with the occasion.

1Indru Pola Endrum Vazhga

There is a lot of Tamil songs for each part of this traditional ceremony in India. We have mentioned the Manamagale song for the cleansing ceremony, and there are also other songs that play a lot during this ceremony, such as Indru Pola Endrum Vazhda. All of these songs represent the light, happiness, and good luck with the new life to the bride.