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As it is the natural order of things, employers are responsible for their employees. This starts and ends with their wellbeing and safety in the workplace. However, if an employee gets injured while on the job complications may arise. In order to avoid these complications, filing for workers’ compensation becomes favorable, even advisable.

That said, here are some of the benefits that you will receive after filing for workers’ compensation insurance.

How Does the Claim Process Work?

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First, before getting started, it is important to understand how the claim process works. It does not only involve filing before the contestability period is over, but also follow through with the correct process so that the employee may receive the benefits. Both, the employer and employee must act promptly upon the emergence of an injury and each will have separate roles to play.

Typically, the employer will need to give the necessary paperwork to the employee and provide them guidance. Furthermore, the claim must be filed with their insurer, while also looking to comply with the laws of their state.

As for the employee, they need to provide precise information regarding the injury, which includes the nature of the injury, the date, and the time, as well as how it occurred. Moreover, the employee will need to quickly file a formal workers’ compensation claim. However, processes can vary depending on your state.

What It Does Not Cover

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Depending on your situation and the circumstances that led to your injury, insurers may or may not cover your claim. Typically, these will include stress and other self-inflicted injuries, psychiatric injuries, injuries caused by fighting or horseplay, and injuries that may have taken place when traveling to or from your workplace. Additionally, injuries that occurred while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, committing a crime, and injuries that happened while violating a company’s policy will have your claim rejected. Apart from that, injuries that were sustained within the scope of your employment will make you eligible for a claim.

Hire a Lawyer

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As for insurers, they can sometimes argue lower compensation. Seeing as you will already be occupied with the stress, emotional, and physical pain or consumed by the medical bills that shortly follow an injury, it is best to hire an attorney. That way, you will afford the means to fight aggressively for your maximum compensation. The capable lawyers at this URL are more than willing to sit down and listen to your story, as most injury attorneys are compassionate and treat their clients with respect. Also, most personal injury lawyers don’t charge fees before the claim is won.


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The benefits you will receive after filing for a workers’ compensation claim are numerous. Employers are usually aware of the basic benefits, however, here are some extended benefits a claim will provide.

Legal Liability Coverage

Initially, the development of workers’ compensation claims was intended to act as a bargaining position between an employer and their employee. Back then, employers were responsible for all of the costs involved in legal suits carried out by an injured employee. However, after revisions, seeing as costs can be astronomical, employers were alleviated of this tremendous responsibility and workers’ compensation provides legal liability coverage for businesses for when employees are injured while on the job.

Occupational Illness & Conditions

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In some cases, workplace conditions can be unsatisfactory and can lead to respiratory illnesses, like chronic bronchitis and asthma. These conditions can deeply affect an employee’s productivity and quality of life. But a workers’ compensation claim can help employees save money on medical expenses, while also enabling them to become more productive.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Workers’ compensation does more than just cover the immediate expenses of an injury, as they can also provide coverage for training expenses. This is helpful for when an employee’s injury impairs them from continuing in the same type of work, as it covers the costs for the training of the new job. Thus, it is possible for the employee to obtain employment elsewhere.

Lost Wages Compensation

Naturally, a worker’s compensation claim covers the employee’s disability. But, seeing as an employee’s injury may sometimes have them take some time off work, the costs would usually fall upon the company. However, with a compensation claim, companies can avoid carrying the full weight of these costs and have the insurance cover half of the usual income instead. This holds for as long as the employee is rendered disable.

Medical Coverage

Medical coverage is perhaps among the most well-known benefits of filing for a workers’ compensation claim. This is especially helpful for injuries that come with mountains of medical bills. The entirety of the costs is covered by the insurance, they include fees for doctor visits, nursing care, hospital treatment, medications, tests, medical diagnosis, durable medical equipment, wheelchairs and crutches, and physical therapy.


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Sadly, the workplace and scope of employment may sometimes place employees under dangerous conditions, which usually depends on the employee’s type of work. This can sometimes lead to death while on the job. If this happens, the death benefits of a worker’s compensation claim are provided to the spouse, minor children or other dependents. Furthermore, the burial expenses are also covered, which helps the employee’s loved ones focus on mourning during such times of hardship.


Although it is true that most workers’ compensation premiums do not cover mental-injuries that incurred within the scope of employment, some actually do. In fact, some workers’ compensation claims will provide employees with psychological rehabilitation. Additionally, depending on the state’s laws, vocational rehabilitation is also included in the package for those who are unable to return to their previous jobs due to the on-the-job injuries they have sustained.

All in all, workers’ compensation is capable of adding innumerable benefits to employees, but also for employers. They remove many of the expenses involved in an on-the-job accident, while also removing physical and emotional pain. Furthermore, a workers’ compensation claim enables employees to focus on healing without toppling them over with the stress of lost income, or the unbearable fees associated. It protects workers as well as businesses, creating a win-win scenario.