If you’re looking to get your hands on a highly realistic and quality replica lightsaber, online retail stores like Padawan Outpost are your best bet.

However, because there are so many of these online lightsaber stores, things can get a little tricky. So, to make things a little easier, we have come up with a two-step guide for you to follow when buying a replica lightsaber online.

Step 1 ─ Knowing the Right Lightsaber Features to Look for

In order to buy a replica lightsaber that you will be happy and comfortable with, there are certain features you need to look out for. They include;


Ideally, your replica lightsaber should feel like a real weapon when you handle it. It should also have a hilt (preferably metal) that looks and feels authentic to the touch. While it may not be possible to test out this feature when shopping for lightsabers online, you can always check out the lightsaber’s specifications on the website.

On average, a realistic replica lightsaber should weigh around 425 grams. This is the weight that allows for balance (flexibility and easy control) when the lightsaber’s blade is inserted into the hilt.


The size of the lightsaber will vary according to which replica you are buying, with the longest lightsaber in the Star Wars universe being that of Savage Opress. If you’re planning to use the lightsabers for cosplay and dueling, make sure that it is not too long to carry around.


Although replica lightsabers aren’t made in the way they are made in the Star Wars universe, ease of use is another important feature to look for when buying a replica lightsaber online.

Check to be sure that the saber is easy to assemble (if it comes detached or with a removable blade), and easy to fix, clean, and maintain. The lightsaber should also be easy to turn on and off, with a battery port that is easily accessible.

Button Placement

It is necessary for you to be in control of your lightsaber’s buttons regardless of whether you handle it with two hands or one hand. This is especially important when you engage in lightsaber dueling.

Choosing a replica lightsaber with the correct button placement for your hand ensures that you can easily access the saber’s special features (turning the saber on and off, sounds and color changes) without having to constantly look at where the buttons are.

Step 2 ─ Buying From the Right Online Source

Online purchases can be tricky, so it is important to exercise caution. Here are some tips to help you find a reliable online store for your lightsaber purchase.

Do Your Research

With a simple Google search, you should be able to find a list of reputable online stores that sell top-quality lightsaber replicas. Be sure to read customer reviews and confirm the legitimacy of a store before making a purchase.


Reputable stores offer a warranty for the quality of their products, so be sure to check if there is a warranty for the replica lightsaber you want to buy.

Shipping and Return Policy

Also, check out the time and cost of shipping your replica lightsaber. Different stores have different policies for returning purchased items, so be sure to shop around till you find a store with a return policy you are comfortable with.


Buying a replica lightsaber online involves a lot more than clicking a few buttons on your computer or smartphone. You will need to consider the features you want your lightsaber to possess while also ensuring that you are making your purchase from a reliable and trusted source.