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While it can seem like an easy thing to write a thank you card, believe it or not, you’ll need the skills for it. The thing is, you don’t want to include the wrong things in your thank you card. This can be misinterpreted by the reader to mean something else. So, if your dilemma is not knowing what to include in a thank you card or how to go about it, then you are in the right place.

It’s no secret that the world as was once known by our grandparents has indeed evolved. Back in the days, there was no internet, telephones, and other modern communication tools. To communicate to the outside world, one had to rely on the post office as a means of sending a letter to a loved one. Today, however, the notes that represented the true feelings of the heart have been replaced by emojis and the final lick that sealed off an envelope has been replaced by a swoosh! Even with the modern means of communication, the power of a handwritten thank you card will remain unmatched.

At Simply Noted, they are well aware of it. In reality, when things are handwritten, people value them a lot more. They’re more personal and show that the person cares.

Reasons Why You Need To Write a Thank-You Note

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Writing a thank you card is always a show of good gesture, especially when something good has been done to you. Expressing gratitude is human, but unfortunately, the art of expressing it in pen and paper has since been forgotten. Now, there are so many reasons why a person needs to send a thank you card. First and foremost, it’s the right thing to do. Writing a thank you note will also set you apart. But most importantly, gratitude is good for the soul.

Writing thank you cards to the people who supported you the most after a funeral could even help you in coping with your loss. According to, writing funeral thank you notes may be difficult to do, but having gratitude at the worst moments in your life can actually help heal your wounds. This will make you realize and feel grateful for those who brought food, flowers, donations, organizers, and anyone else who gave their time to be with you at your greatest time of need. The same applies to other important events in your life where you couldn’t have done it alone. This includes events such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and baby showers. With that in mind, here’s why thank you cards are so important:

  • They demonstrate common courtesy
  • Sending a thank you card shows professionalism
  • People will remember you
  • A gratitude-oriented mindset is healthy for both mind, body, and spirit

Your thank-you note can either be set in a friendly or a professional tone. So, how are you related to this person and how well do you know them? These are very important questions to ask as they’ll help in setting the tone of your message. For people you’ve known for years, especially close buddies and workmates, writing a thank you card can seem fairly easy when it comes to deciding on the language to use.

Without any further delays, here is a step by step guide on how to write a thoughtful thank you card.

1.  Begin with Salutation

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Before you start with your opening remarks, it’s important that you greet whomever you’re sending the thank you note to. If you know them personally, you may start with their names but the same cannot be applied if you want to remain professional. Below are salutation ideas for a Thank you note:

  • Dear Sir/Madam – When writing a professional thank you card.
  • Dear Mr., Mrs., Ms. John Doe – This is best suited for people you regard with high esteem.
  • John Doe! Or Jane Doe – This is recommended for close friends.
  • Dear Dad, Mom, Aunt, Uncle and so on is best left for close relatives.

2.  Express Your Gratitude

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The whole point of writing a thank you card is to express your gratitude. So, do not hold back, go straight to the point. Let them know how much you appreciated their responsiveness. Here are examples of lines to guide you:

  • Thank you so much for the birthday gifts. They were just right!
  • Thank you for the thoughtful note you included in your flowers.
  • Am grateful for the interview opportunity
  • Hey, I wore the dress you got me for our anniversary. It’s perfect! Thank you.

This shouldn’t end there. Go ahead and be specific while at the same time pouring your thoughts into what you’re thankful for. This can include mentioning how the gift, opportunity, or the relationship has changed your life and how happy you are as a result.

The following lines are very important when included in a thank you note. They’ll help show that you genuinely mean what you’re writing. They include:

  • I am grateful for…
  • I really appreciate it…
  • And most importantly… thank you.

3.  Closing Remarks

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Like the salutation remarks, closing remarks will be dependent on the type of relationship you have with the person you’re sending the thank you card to. In addition to this, it will also depend on what they specifically did for you. You can touch up on your gratitude remarks in your closing statement, there’s no harm in doing so. Below are a few examples of closing statements:

  • My husband and I will be happy to have you for lunch sometime soon. Again, thank you for your friendship!
  • Don’t hesitate to call if you ever need someone to talk to. It’s the least I can do after you helped me with my problem.
  • Thanks again for believing in me. I appreciate your consideration.

4.  Signing Off

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You can always include the buzz phrase you use with your peers. But this cannot be done when writing a thank you note to your boss! The importance of your personal signature at the end of a thank you card is to make the other person feel good about your thoughts. Whether casually or professionally, here’s how to sign off:

  • Regards,
  • With love,
  • Pals for life,
  • Affectionately,

Finally, you need to proofread your thank you card. Reviewing your message will help in correcting any grammatical errors, especially when it’s a professional thank you note. You can always find thank you card templates that can aid you in formatting your card. But you may not need one after reading the pointers above.